30 Days to Transform your Speaking Career


Public speaking is critically important for professional, technical and entrepreneurial women, and their teams. When done well, public speaking not only boosts credibility, it can drive thought leadership, connect you to prospects, customers, partners, and funding, and can help you achieve business success. But how do you position yourself to be that person on the stage, and how do you get started?

This special program includes a package with a four-part webinar series and related handouts, a speaker self-assessment tool, and our exclusive 30-day Guide to Getting Started with Your Speaking Career booklet, biography and abstract templates, and other essentials you need to to apply for business and career enhancing speaking opportunities.

The online classes are a product of our founder, Bobbie Carlton, and reflect the programs she brings into corporate settings, and the strategies she has used herself to book more than 100 speaking engagements a year.

Reviewer Comments:

“Excellent session. The speaker was clear, concise, and compelling; everything that I teach in presentation training. Her pace was spot on, no fillers, kept engagement, great content. I honestly wasn’t expecting to learn that much, but ended up taking away a variety of golden nuggets. Looking forward to the next one!”

“Thank you. I appreciate your “formula”  approach to this information. The conversation was easy to follow and very informative. I will download the materials and comment on them next session.”

“Great content!”

“Very helpful and informative.”

“The presentation is very structured with specific content and realistic questions for personal clarity as to whether this is something you want to do. Good value.”

“Love the easy going and relaxed, but direct and to the point of this webcast. Thank you! Ruth”

“This was fantastic! I’m in pretty good shape on my speaker packet/bio/website/etc, but never thought of doing a “sales sheet” and learned a lot about what additional things event managers want to see. Thank you!”

“I appreciate that the information you present is helpful and actionable without being overwhelming. Thank you.”

“This was a great series with practical, actionable steps for even the most fearful newbie speaker to try. Thanks for helping fuel my courage!  This has been great. Thanks, Innovation Women!”

“Excellent! Very detailed.”