Innovation Women Gift Card – 1


An Innovation Women Gift Card is a great gift for the speaker or subject matter expert in your life…or the person interested in becoming known as either. Give the gift of a speaking career – support her dreams and aspirations. Let her know you want to see her onstage.

Whether you are a boss, coworker, sister, mother, husband, second cousin or friend, we all have someone who belongs on stage. They might be the passionate speaker; the visionary who helps us see the world differently, the expert who helps train or teach people or the subject matter we want to sit next to on a panel.

This special special gift entitles the bearer to a free year on Innovation Women – a $120 annual regular membership. The single use coupon code gives them access to as a speaker.

Member Benefits

  • A speaker profile so event managers can find you on our platform.
  • Our weekly Speaker Exclusive newsletter.
  • Access to hundreds of Calls for Speakers. Our research team adds dozens every week! Event managers can issue their own calls for speakers too!
  • Access to our member directory of more than 2500 speakers = find other panelists, make referrals to other speakers.
  • Be a guest on our Innovation Women Speaker! Webinar Series.
  • Join us for Speaker Friend Fridays on Zoom for weekly drop-in discussions with our founder and other speakers.
  • Speaker resources and education, including access to the Green Room.
  • Contribute to our magazine for female entrepreneurs, Lioness Magazine.
  • Get a free speaking video for your profile through our partnership with AnswerStage.
  • Special promotions for Author/Speakers! Let us help launch and promote your book.
  • Receive discounts to select partner events.
  • Get promoted through our promotional program including weekly newsletters and our social media.
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook group

Download the PDF and give it to your friend. The document contains their 1-time use coupon code and complete instructions on joining Innovation Women.

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