We’re excited that you want to join the Innovation Women team and support our mission of helping women succeed through speaking and media opportunities. Join us in giving technical, entrepreneurial and professional women the visibility they deserve for career development and thought leadership.

Why do we need Ambassadors?

While all kinds of event managers, conference organizers or journalists use Innovation Women to find speakers, the majority are looking for local talent.  This means we need speakers in your neck of the woods. Our research shows that a region needs between 25 and 35 speakers before local event managers can start finding what they need when they search our database.

That’s why we need inspiring women leaders and Ambassadors!  Ambassadors make sure their local events are gender-balanced and that local Innovation Women all have an opportunity to get in front of an audience on a regular basis.

Become An Ambassador

Innovation Women Ambassadors are, women helping women, men helping women or anyone 100% committed to providing visibility for women by connecting them to speaking opportunities! A potential ambassador is most effective when they have:

  • A digital presence
  • A local community or group (i.e. an association, a group of colleagues, podcast audience or social media following, etc.)
  • Public evidence of empowering and inspiring the community

If this is you, send us an email at info@innovationwomen.com and let us know why you think you would be a great ambassador in your community!

What You Get

A personalized discount code

A free profile on Innovation Women

Weekly promotion in our Newsletter

Digital swag

Free Profile Consultation

Maintaining Your Ambassador Status

Our Ambassadors receive a free profile on Innovation Women for one year with an option for renewal. Our expectations:

  • Sign up at least 10 other awesome women on Innovation Women using your personal code.
  • Report 5 #AllMalePanels or events whose speaker line-up is predominantly male to Innovation Women. We’ll take it from there.
  • Promote Innovation Women on social media (i.e share events, website, blog posts etc.)
  • Option to run/host an Innovation Women event in your community
  • Share and promote seasonal promotions

Current Ambassadors

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