There are so many female founders on Innovation Women, we had to split them up, and this still isn’t all of them! These are women who started their own technology companies, including IT and software. They can speak about the tech industry; they can speak about entrepreneurship; they can speak about innovation.

These only some of the awesome female technology founders you can find on Innovation Women. And yet, the tech industry is still so male-dominant. So, if you’re an event manager, event planner or conference manager, sign up for an Innovation Women account and browse our speakers and add some gender balance and diversity to your event.

The 2019 Female Tech Founders Super Panel: First Row: Amy Husted, Akron, OH; Ana Pompa Alarcon Rawls, Santa Monica, CA; Angelique Mohring, Waterloo, Canada; Brittany Greenfield, Boston, MA; Frances West, Boston, MA; Marlin Williams, Detroit, MI; Second Row: Ann Morrison, PhD, Boulder, CO; Beth Potratz, Cleaveland, OH; Carla Vanderhoof, Boston, MA; Charis Loveland, Boston, MA; Janine Darling, New York City, NY; Mary Haskett, Austin, TX; Third Row: Claritza N. Abreu, Boston, MA; Dr. Janice Presser, Philadelphia, PA; Geetha Sreedhar, Boston, MA; Jean Templin, Oakland, CA; Kimberly Y. Moore Washington, DC; Michelle Bonat, San Francisco, CA; Fourth Row: Jessica Williams, Chicago, IL; Karen Miller, Waltham, MA; Kelly Page, Ph.D., Chicago, IL; Kriti Sharma, London, UK; Lauren Hasson, Dallas, TX; Nicole Toomey Davis, Salt Lake City, UT; Fifth Row: Poornima Vijayashanker, San Jose, CA; Rosario Ballesteros-Casas, New York City, NY; Sharon Kan, Cambridge, MA; Rashim Mogha, San Francisco, CA; Swathi Young, Washington, DC; Tiana Laurence, Austin, TX.

Find them, and more, with a free account on  Once approved, you can search for speakers, and connect with them directly to invite to your event.

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