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Speaking: It’s Not About You

Like many people, I was familiar with Dale Carnegie’s famous “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book. I’d also heard Dale Carnegie courses were life changing, so another member of the Innovation Women team and I were excited to take “High Impact Presentations”, one of their two-day courses.

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How to Moderate a Panel

Dear Panel Moderators, Congrats! You’re the moderator! Tired of yet another boring panel? Maybe it’s time to try something different.  It’s time for a Slightly-different Moderator Method, one that helps you pull cool stories from your speakers. What do you remember from the last panel presentation you saw? If you […]

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Where Do We Find Speaking Engagements?

We’ve talked about getting started with public speaking, because, while our perception may be that only C-level executives do speaking engagements, the reality is that speaking opportunities exist for women at every level of your organization. One of the first panels we were asked to pull together as Innovation Women […]

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself

We are frequently asked to guide novice speakers – both younger people and more mature people who haven’t previously gotten on the speaking circuit – we decided it was time to revisit “How to get started in public speaking”. We’re going to kick off this series with seven questions to […]

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Will Opportunity Find You?

Visibility is a powerful thing! Smart people in business looking to forward their careers aim to keep their names in the conversation through interviews, authoring books and articles, and by appearing at events. But women don’t always receive the same access to such opportunities. We’re sure you’ve been to an event with multiple […]

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