At Innovation Women, our mission is to help every woman become a speaker. Speakers succeed. Speaking supports business and career success. Public speaking can help you connect with potential customers, partners, the media, and even new jobs and investors.  Visibility = Opportunity! By connecting speakers and female subject matter experts to these opportunities, we help women (and those who identify as women, and male allies) with opportunities to build their brand, grow their businesses and advance their careers.

Member Benefits

To join Innovation Women as a speaker, there is an annual membership fee of $100. When you become a speaker, you get: 

  • A speaker profile so event managers can find you on our platform.
  • Our weekly Speaker Exclusive newsletter.
  • Access to hundreds of Calls for Speakers. Our research team adds dozens every week!
  • Access to our member directory of more than 1500 speakers = find other panelists, make referrals to other speakers.
  • Be a guest on our Innovation Women Speaker! Webinar Series.
  • Join us on Zoom for weekly drop-in discussions with our founder and other speakers.
  • Speaker resources and education
  • Get a free speaking video for your profile through our partnership with AnswerStage.
  • Special promotions for Author/Speakers! Let us help launch and promote your book.
  • Receive discounts to select partner events.
  • Get promoted through our promotional program including weekly newsletters and our social media.
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook group

Who Can Join?

We encourage all women to apply – entrepreneurial, technical and professional women at all levels. Our speakers and expert sources speak at events of all sizes – keynotes, featured speakers, panelists, round tables, as well as expert sources for journalists. The Innovation Women platform has grown to more than 1500 women speakers, from different backgrounds, locations, industries and roles.

How do I Get Booked for Speaking Engagements?

On Innovation Women, there are several ways to access speaking engagements.

Once you are a speaker on the Innovation Women platform, your profile will be available to hundreds of event managers who use our database to search for speakers. When your profile matches the needs of a specific event, you will be contacted and receive a notification in your email.

Another way to find speaking engagements is through our weekly Speaker Exclusive Newsletter where we list ~100 speaking opportunities to which you can apply.

Whenever you agree to a speaking opportunity, don’t forget to let us know so we can promote you. Promotion of your speaking opportunities is important!

For more information on how to get started with public speaking, visit the following resources:


“Thank you also for tweeting about us being at the event. I didn’t realize that Innovation Women was so wonderfully hands-on with the speakers once they were selected. Things were great at the WGBH Boston Talks event. It was a great group of people, and I really enjoyed it. They should definitely keep using Innovation Women to find more female speakers. As you know, it was 3 guys and me! The event was extraordinarily well-run and well-planned. They gave us all the supports and guidance needed to talk on stage.”

— Sara Holby, Ajiri Tea

Examples of Events with Innovation Women Speakers:

IoT Evolution Expo, IEEE WIE ILC, InterOp, HealthTech Venture Network Conference, StartupCON, Startup Grind, HubWeek, The Capital Network, Maine’s Startup and Create Week, IE Venture Days, and more!

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