Podcasts are a a great way to learn more about public speaking. Our founder, Bobbie Carlton, talks about public speaking on these podcasts.

Remarkable Marketing Podcast

Bobbie Carlton, shares her advice for executives & event organizers, and discusses her passion project aimed at increasing female representation on conference stages.


Financial Freedom Podcast

Dr. Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD, host of Financial Freedom, has a conversation with Bobbie Carlton about the power of voice, the importance of visibility for women in tech, and the transformative potential of inclusive public speaking.


Women Lead Radio with Shelly Harrison 

Shelly Harrison, your host of Amplify Your Influence, has a conversation with Bobbie Carlton where they explore the inside scoop on building a Speaking Business.


More than a Refresh 

Joshua Drake and Bobbie Carlton discuss day, night, and dream jobs; the reality of technical heckling; and when to rethink panel organization.


Be Googleable! 


Sugar Coated Podcast


Heart Stock Radio Podcast


Entrepreneur Talks About Public Speaking for Women – I am CEO Podcast

Bobbie Carlton talks about public speaking for women and how it can be the driving force behind career growth and business success.


Innovation Women Leads the Charge for Female Speakers – Resiliency Ninja with Allison Graham

Bobbie Carlton and Allison Graham discuss the issue of gender equality in the speaking industry. They also discuss why event planners continue to hire mainly male speakers as well as how public speaking can help women advance their businesses. Listen to learn more on how to advance your career through public speaking!


Women in Retail Talks with Kristina Stidham

 In this podcast, Bobbie Carlton and Kristina Stidham discusses what motivated her to create Innovation Women. Bobbie also explains who Innovation Women strives to help women find speaking opportunities and work with event managers. Listen to learn more about how we strive to help you!


The Introvert’s Guide to Public Speaking The Hub of Success

This podcast discusses the importance of incorporating personal connection into digital marketing. Bobbie Carlton, David Elmasian and Michael Delany also discuss the importance of visibility and the networking opportunities that arise from public speaking.


On the Spot

In this podcast, Melinda Garvey interviews Bobbie Carlton on how Innovation Women helps women connect with event managers and monetize speaking events.


Improve Your Public Speaking Game On the Dot

Bobbie Carlton discusses Innovation Women’s efforts to flip the switch on gender imbalanced speaker line ups. Bobbie also shares a few tips on how to successful secure a speaking engagement.


Speaking 4 Your Career Green Connections Radio

Joan Michaelson and Bobbie Carlton discuss using public speaking as a tool to enhance and further your career. The podcast also discusses how women are built for innovation and why it is important to have a balance of gender across speakers at a conference. Listen to learn more and discover your innovative side.


Getting Real on the Real 1100 am with Bobbie Carlton Just Steph

In this podcast, Bobbie Carlton shares with Steph Palermo how she began her entrepreneurial journey. Bobbie shares how she started Carlton PR and Marketing as well as Innovation Nights and Innovation Women. Bobbie and Steph also discuss creating a work life balance as an entrepreneur. Listen to hear these women share their stories.

Innovation Women with Bobbie Carlton Women Who Innovate

In this podcast, Bobbie is in the innovation hot seat! Bobbie discusses how women are innovators and the importance of mentorship. Another important topic are gender gaps in speaking. Listen to learn more about how to make your voice heard and embrace it.


Tales from the Road: #SpeakUpTour2018 Part 4 Speaker Sisterhood

Bobbie Carlton joins other women involved in public speaking and marketing in the Boston area. During the podcast you will hear a discussion between all the women revolving around their personal experience with public speaking and what still surprises them about the industry. Listen to learn more from