What if I am not interested in public speaking? Many people say they are not interested in public speaking, but they end up joining Innovation Women anyway. Why?

Sometimes people join us because they (and we) think more expansively about public speaking. When you say “public speaking” most people envision a single person onstage, by themselves. Public speaking opportunities can be many things. It can be:

  • A panel discussion.
  • A joint presentation.
  • A small group meeting.
  • A roundtable.
  • An online event or webinar.
  • A podcast guest slot.
  • Judging or mentoring, maybe at a startup event or pitch contest.
  • An expert source for a reporter.

What if I am really not interested in public speaking?

Innovation Women is more than just a speaker bureau. We call it a “visibility bureau” for a reason. We help drive visibility for technical, entrepreneurial, and professional women in many ways, not just speaking engagements.

For example, some of our members are authors and want their book to be included in our bookstore and for it to be included in our promotions program. Some people want to be able to contribute articles to Lioness Magazine, our digital magazine for female entrepreneurs. Maybe they want to share information in our members-only Facebook group, or in our monthly “Our members in action” newsletter (which includes podcast guesting, awards, and media coverage too.) Or get included in the programs created by our social media team.

What if I just want to explore my options around public speaking?

You bet. We have hours of educational material around public speaking. In our Green Room, you can find modules on everything from speaker business models to developing your thought leader ideas and platform.

Are there other reasons too?

Sometimes people join Innovation Women because they are figuring out their marketing mix or messages and they know building their visibility is part of it. Sometimes people come looking for a supportive community. Some people want to be seen as thought leaders or experts in their field and the Innovation Women resources help.

  • How do I become known as a thought leader or expert in my field?
  • How does public speaking contribute to the perception of me as a leader?

What if I am really, really, really not interested in public speaking?

We have a lot of conversations with people who are not interested in public speaking but are still interested in Innovation Women. Or they weren’t interested until we expanded their definition of public speaking or showed them the many benefits of public speaking. But if you are still not interested in public speaking? It’s really OK. You can still join us for Speaker Friend Fridays.  Instead of Joining Innovation Women, you might be more interested in the Lioness entrepreneurial community.