At Innovation Women, while our mission is to help women succeed through speaking and media opportunities we often find ourselves working closely with the corporations who employ them. Visibility = Opportunity! By connecting female subject matter experts to these opportunities, we offer a platform for speakers to build their brand and advance their career. And our work with corporations helps them support their female employees – increasing loyalty, retention and engagement.

Innovation Women facilitates access to speaking opportunities without charging the high fees of a traditional speaker’s bureau or PR firm. We work with speakers who speak for visibility for themselves and their company while a traditional speaker bureau will only work with paid speakers. Our platform expands the reach of corporate PR to early and mid-career subject matter experts (creating a pipeline of up-and-coming speakers) while increasing speaking engagements for corporate executives and thought leaders.

Providing female employees with a platform for visibility underscores a company’s commitment to hiring, supporting and advancing the careers of women, creating a significant recruiting advantage in a tight candidate marketplace. Additionally, you will also be promoting and developing mid-level managers, and increasing your brand’s reach.

Speakers receive an exclusive speaker newsletter weekly with news, events and dozens of speaking opportunities for which they can apply. They get access to literally hundreds of speaking opportunities every week.

Below are some of our Corporate collaboration options.


Many potential speakers don’t know they have the skills! Sometimes all they need is some inspiration. Get your speakers psyched up to be a part of Innovation Women. Our founder offers talks such as  “Public Speaking: the Career Game-Changer” and “No Excuses: Getting More Women Onstage” which discuss the benefits of appearing onstage at conferences and events.

Training and Workshops

We work one-on-one with executives, with your PR and Marketing teams, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Learning & Development, or with HR. We can also help your employees individually, in small or large groups. While there are lots of trainers who address public speaking skills (several in Innovation Women!) there are few who know more about the “business” of speaking and about securing speaking opportunities. Workshops we offer include:

  •        Innovation Women Kickstart Cohort Program – including setting up and optimizing a speaker profile, working on your profile & creating a signature talk.
  •       Securing speaking opportunities and leveraging them.
  •       Building a speaker biography…and more.

Innovation Women Corporate Speaker Series

Whether you are interested in organizing a speaker series or just a single event at your company, we can help with locking down speakers! Get connected to the female speakers in your local community through an Innovation Women Speaker Series. You can build your own series or take advantage of our expertise and use one of our staff members to help book speakers.

Enterprise license

We offer a number of license options for corporatations. Register women executives from your company on Innovation Women and our sister company, a PR firm, can help us both get more mileage from a partnership.  

Innovation Women Pop-up

Innovation Women Pop-Ups are live or virtual event. An Innovation Women Pop-up can include:

  • Ongoing presentations: including fireside chats, panel discussions and featured speakers.
  • A station for speak videos: event managers want to see potential speakers in action before booking them. We offer our speakers the opportunity to film videos and include on their profile.

We’ve produced Pop-up events for events and organizations like HubWeek, Inbound, Liveworx, Industrious in Boston and Washington DC’s Mindspace.

Innovation Women Scholarships

For under-represented communities, we work with individuals and corporations to identify organizations who can benefit from free speaker profiles, speaker training and more.

If you are interested in collaborating with Innovation Women or have any questions, please contact us at

Here are some companies our members are from: