Innovation Women is a platform which connects female professionals to speaking and media opportunities. We have created a few tutorials which show you how to use our platform and take full advantage of all of its features.

For each tutorial, we have outlined whether this is a Speaker or Event Manager feature. Interested in learning more about the two different accounts? Learn more about joining Innovation Women.

How to Join Innovation Women

How to Become a Speaker on Innovation Women

Once you have created an Event Manager account, you have the option of upgrading to a Speaker Profile for an annual fee of $120. As a speaker, you will be able to search and apply for speaking opportunities, as well as receive invitations from Event Managers. View our video tutorial below on how to upgrade your account.

How to Fill Out and Optimize Your Innovation Women Profile

This feature only available for speakers. As a speaker on the platform, you are able to create your own profile so that Event Managers can find you. Watch the video to learn how to complete a good profile.

How to Search and Apply for Speaking Opportunities

This feature is only available for speakers. As a speaker, you can search for speaking opportunities that are most interesting to you and apply directly through Innovation Women. Watch this tutorial to learn how to search and apply for opportunities.

How to Post Speaking Opportunities/Calls for Speakers

Event Managers can post speaking opportunities for which they need speakers on the platform. Watch the tutorial to learn how.

How to Find and Invite Speakers

Both Speaker and Event Manager accounts have the ability to find and invite speakers for events. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to do so.

How to Track and Display "My Own Opportunities"

Introducing MOO (My Own Opportunities), a truly transformative feature on the Innovation Women platform that allows you to track all your speaking opportunities! (Yes, even the ones you secured outside of Innovation Women!)