Innovation Women Acquires Second Company, Lioness for the Female Entrepreneur

Lioness Magazine Joins Innovation Women and My Speaker Leads to Build Voice for Entrepreneurial, Technical and Professional Women BOSTON, Aug. 7 (Innovation Women) — Innovation Women (IW), the leading visibility bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and professional women, has acquired Lioness for the Female Entrepreneur, a woman-owned online publisher of global […]

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Innovation Women announces partnership with wiseHer

Innovation Women is proud to announce our partnership with wiseHer, a global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges through on-demand 1:1 access to executives, coaches, mentors, education and resources that accelerate business and career growth. “Partnering with wiseHer resonates with me on both personal […]

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Again, Fast Company?

When we left Fast Company last week, they had published a tech trends article featuring the musings of 17 top experts – 16 men and 1 woman. We countered with a tech trends article of our own, demonstrating that women could be experts in tech trends too. This week we’re […]

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