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Events for Women in Tech: June 29, 2017

Upcoming events and opportunities for you. Check out news and events and a lot of great opportunities to network and further your career! MassChallenge’s Women Founders Network Kick-off 2017 June 27, 2017 Boston, MA All are encouraged and welcome to attend the Women Founders Network Kick Off by New England Venture Capital Executive Director Jody Rose. […]

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Sometimes it’s unavoidable. The sick kid. The sick or injured speaker. The rescheduled board meeting. The key client with the surprise mission-critical project on a deadline. The flat tire. The missed plane. And a speaking engagement gets passed on to someone else. Whether the speaker “makes a suggestion” or just […]

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How Events Get Gender Balanced

Did you ever wonder how event managers go about achieving a gender-balanced event? I know we all expect it but in some industries, it requires forethought, special strategies and persistence. Read today’s letter to understand what one event manager is going through.

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