Defense Secretary Ash Carter yesterday ordered the military to open all combat jobs to women. Women will now be eligible to join the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and other Special Operations Units, as well as the Marine Corps infantry. It’s really one of the last places where women were prohibited. Or is it?

It still feels like there are at least a few fraternities where women aren’t welcome.

  • Hot Startups: Check out this local article listing “9 Hot New Startups in Boston.” Funding, prominent founders and new ideas are what it takes to get that “hot company” designation. The “prominent” founders are been there/done that types – often recognizable serial entrepreneurs who have had success elsewhere. They’ve gathered millions in funding from their circle – they are fielding an experienced team after all. Too bad the “hot” teams (judging from the article) contain no women. (The closest we get in the article seems to be the giant pictures of Malibu Beach Barbie from the walls of Blade.)
  • Technical Conferences and Events: How about a four and a half hour long conference with no women? This weekend’s NECINA 2015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference is beyond an example of the dreaded all-male panel…it’s the all male conference. Speaking engagements are key to any number of opportunities – funding, customers, partnerships. Being at the front of the room and getting the opportunity to tell your story is quite different from being a member of the audience.

Tweet us (@womeninno) with your suggestions for women who should be on these lists. If they are not already on our list, we’ll make sure they get there.

Where else are we closed out? Where else do we need to break through? Why? “Because it’s 2015,” to quote Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new Prime Minister, as he brought in a gender-balanced cabinet.

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