These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Darlene Corbett will be discussing her book “Stop Depriving The World of You” at Booklovers’ Gourmet in Webster, MA August 17th 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Sharon Delaney McCloud presents “Why You Should #Livestream Your Event to Create Buzz & #FOMO” at the Florida Festivals & Events Association Conference on August 22, and will be speaking at the SUCCESS Women’s Conference September 19-21 in Biloxi, MS (Sharon got this opportunity through Innovation Women!)

Angela Pitter will be speaking at these upcoming events: 10 Ways to Disruption with Facebook Live August 27th in Boston MA, and at the Non Profit Social Media Summit August 29th at Babson College in Wellesley MA.

Regina Au will be speaking at the Microbiome Conference on “Important Early Considerations to Developing a Successful Commercial Strategy,” September 11 in Boston.

Kristin Link will be speaking at these upcoming events: ReBoot Accel Workshop on September 17 in Menlo Park CA, and the Women in Tech Summit Southeast November 8–9 in Raleigh NC.

Mel McSherry will be speaking at the Success Women’s Conference September 19-21 in Biloxi, MS – she booked this opportunity through Innovation Women!

Adita Lang will be speaking at the Interactive Fitness Trainers Association for their Fitness Weekend at NC State University September 20-22.

Carrie Kuehn will be speaking at these upcoming events: RAPS Convergence 2019 September 23 in Philadelphia PA, and The SFDA Annual Conference 2019 September 30 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Navah Hopkins will be running an all day PPC workshop, track chairing the PPC day, moderating, participating in a site clinic, and giving a mainstage talk on “Man Vs. Machine: How to Remain Relevant In An Automated World” at PubCon Pro October 7-10 2019 in Las Vegas NV.  Register here for PubCon Pro with discount code rc-1910720 for 15% off your registration fee! 
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