Dr. Shawn Andrews is a speaker, consultant, author and facilitator.
She says, “I was laid off from my corporate job in November (due to acquisition). I had completed my doctorate and have always been entrepreneurial. I took this as a sign, and instead of searching for another corporate job like I’d done the past 20 years, I decided to put my energy into developing my own business focused on my passions – which are to help women advance in their careers, and help organizations be more diverse and inclusive.Shawn
Specifically, she addresses the gender leadership gap, barriers to leadership, gender-specific emotional intelligence, and gender culture differences. She explains how each of these show up every day in the workplace, how they affect perception, and provides recommendations for individuals to improve career advancement, and for organizations to enhance diversity and inclusion
Shawn recently had a book proposal accepted by a publisher. We’re very excited for her and this next great career milestone. We’ll let you all know more about the book and when you can get it soon! (Remember, authors often make great speakers and speaking helps authors sell more books!)
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