Want more tips and information about speaking and growing your speaking career or business? Join Innovation Women as a speaker. You’ll have access to our Green Room with hundreds of hours of educational videos, resource sheets and more.

What is a Green Room?
In speaker vernacular, a Green Room is the place speakers go to prepare before they step on stage. The term comes from the theater world, although the exact origin of the name is lost to the annuls of history. In a green room, speakers can gather their thoughts, rehearse their presentation, check their equipment, and engage in any last-minute preparations. They can also connect with other speakers. The green room is often seen as the ultimate VIP lounge because you can only access it if you are one of the event speakers.

Green rooms often offer comfortable seating, mirrors to check your appearance, tech support, and sometimes refreshments. The environment is designed to be a tranquil and supportive area, away from the bustle of the event, allowing speakers to focus, center themselves and do whatever they need to do to reduce pre-performance anxiety. Green rooms are essential for maintaining a professional atmosphere, ensuring that the speakers are ready and composed before they step into the spotlight.

What is the Innovation Women Green Room?

The Innovation Women Green Room is a special place available only to our speaker members. Our speakers sign in and can access the resources in the Green Room from the platform. It’s where they can find hundreds of hours of educational content – videos, resource sheets, articles, templates and so much more.

Speaker Friend Friday recordings – The IW Green Room is where you can go to listen in on the weekly Speaker Friend Friday recordings, view the event chat and review the AI generated summary. We also provide you with a quick overview of the topics so you can listen in on the topics where you have questions too.

Resource sheets – Innovation Women has created dozens of resource sheets over the years. The Green Room is where you will find everything from a tech checklist (which webcam do we recommend?) to a list of perks to ask for when you are speaking at an event. You’ll find awesome templates including how to write a speaker biography to the templates we use for speaker one sheets.

Deep Dives – Speaking of speaker one sheets, we regularly go deep, very deep on specific topics. The speaker one sheet deep dive includes a video demonstration, an article that goes over the essential elements and templates to create your own. Other deep dives include:

  • Speaker Business Models
  • How much should I charge to speak?
  • Thought leadership positioning
  • Tools for Speakers
  • Working with Speaker Bureaus
  • Getting a TEDx opportunity

Innovation Women Resources: The Green Room is where you will find information on specific goodies from Innovation Women, including:

  • Our getting started checklist
  • AnswerStage, our virtual sizzle reel video partner and your profile video
  • Our affiliate program – earn while you support the Innovation Women mission, more inclusive stages.
  • Author promotion – let us help you promote your new book

Event Manager Insights: Our exclusive series, “Ask an event manager” gives us an opportunity to ask event managers very specific questions on your behalf. Learn what event managers from Inbound, SXSW and more are thinking.

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