Once again, ALL the nominees for acting Academy Awards are white. One hundred percent. The conversations about privilege, power, domination of an industry by a particular group, discrimination, rewards, deserving art, and the economic “realities” of the studio system all sound familiar.

At Innovation Women we’re continuing to see all-male, all-pale panels at trade events and conferences. We get daily forwarded emails and tweets from our friends and supporters begging us to do something for particular events. We’re only too happy to reach out and offer help to these conference organizers and event managers find great speakers and field more diverse panels and speaking slates at their events. It’s rarely a case of open bias and more an issue of inadequate Rolodexes (Rolodexi?)
In fact, just this week, we attended a PR event with an all-male, all-pale panel. The original billing was for three men and one woman (who had to bow out due to illness) on the panel with a male moderator. Since PR is an industry with a large percentage of women, this was particularly jarring.
If you see an event manager who needs our help, feel free to let us know.


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