One year after #metoo, women are still experiencing a great deal of gender discrimination in the workplace — and sexual harassment isn’t the only issue. A study from Pew Research Center reveals the gender pay gap has remained stagnant for roughly 15 years. And women, on average, earn only 82 cents for every dollar a man makes. The same study shows women are more likely to feel isolated in the workplace, have their competence questioned and receive less managerial support.

While sexism is certainly to blame for some employers, others may just not be aware of or think about what their workplace is like for people who are different from them, in this case, their female workers and leaders. Sam Radocchia, co-founder of blockchain provider Chronicled, suggests that “companies [need to] understand that there are different stresses experienced by different minority groups.” In other words, women and men may not see the same actions as support.

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