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Innovation Women Speak! is a bi-weekly webinar series featuring Innovation Women speakers – developed with you in mind. These webinars are packed with useful and practical information to help you build your business and your brand – and advance your career. Additionally, they are a way to showcase Innovation Women speakers to event managers looking for potential speakers.

Innovation Women are experts on many different subjects – check out our schedule for upcoming webinars below and sit back, listen, and learn. And, recordings are available for past events as well.

If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker on our webinar series, contact info@innovationwomen.com.

Upcoming Webinars

Creativity and Business: Why It Matters

Featuring: Karen Baker

March 18, 12:00-1:00p.m ET


Past Recordings

Unusual Suspects: How Three Women Create Space for Authentic Equity & Inclusion

Moderator: Bobbie Carlton

Panelists: Tangie Roseboro, Joy Rain & Celina Caesar-Chavannes

Watch Recording

Be Everywhere: How to Leverage Speaking Gigs to Grow Your Business

Featuring: Beck Power

Watch Recording

Stop The Burnout Cycle In Its Tracks

Featuring: Devon Grilly

Watch Recording

The Female Voice in Public Spaces

Featuring: Gina Razón

Watch Recording

The Power of Personal Style

Featuring: Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Watch Recording

Power Through Presence

Featuring: Leah Marone, Psychotherapist

Watch Recording

Cyber Threats: Attack Back From All Fronts

Cybersecurity Panel: Deidre Diamond (Moderator), Kathy Winger, Cat Coode, Stacey Champagne

Watch Recording

Get to the Point! Communicate More By Saying Less

Featuring: Diane DiResta, Founder of DiResta Communications

Watch Recording

Show Me the Money! Close the Wage Gap to Make the Money You Deserve

Featuring: Bonnie Low-Kramen, International Speaker and Bestselling Author

Watch Recording

Four Ways to Publish a Book

Featuring: Michelle Tillis Lederman, Founder and CEO of Executive Essentials

Watch Recording

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach

Featuring: Kirsten Bunch, Founder of The Women’s Changemaker Mentorship

Watch Recording

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Optimizing Your Life and Experiences

Featuring: Mia Zambarano, LCSW

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Total BS: Using Brain Science (BS) to Debunk & Transform the Business of Speaking (BS)

Featuring: Alyssa Dver, Co-Founder and Chief Confidence Officer at the American Confidence Institute, with Bobbie Carlton for a Fireside Chat

Watch Recording

Women and Money: Five Steps to Create Financial Freedom

Featuring: Kelly Gushue, Founder & CEO at Personal Finance Warrior

Watch Recording

Women as Business Leaders

Featuring: Rachel Scherl, Business Builder, Marketing Strategist and Best-Selling Author

Watch Recording

Your Product is Your Best Salesperson

Featuring: Amanda Nielsen, Demand Generation and Strategic Partnerships, New Breed

Watch Recording

How to Make Your Messages Stick

Featuring: Cathy McNally, Founder and CEO, Women Speak Up

Watch Recording

The Gender Tipping Point: Women, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the Workplace

Featuring: Dr. Shawn Andrews, Founder and CEO, Andrews Research international

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The Gig Economy: Changing How You Manage Projects

Featuring: Candice Benson, CEO, Benson Consulting

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I’m a White Male, Why Should I Care About Diversity?

Featuring: Robert Principe, SPHR, Founder and Principal, of Organizational Change for Social Impact

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Cheating Death by PowerPoint: Slide Makeovers

Featuring: Laura Foley, Presentation Designer and Consultant

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Paid and “Unpaid” Speaking Engagements: Creating Success with Every Booking

Featuring: Jennifer Ellis, Owner, Life Enlightenment

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A Lesson in Influencing Leadership: How I Got the CTO to Pay for Open APIs

Featuring: Melissa Jurkoic, Senior Solutions Architect for Amadeus Hospitality

Watch Recording

Communication is Just as Important as Code

Featuring: Andrea Goulet, CEO at Corgibytes

Watch Recording

Ready for Totally Different Healthcare? Wearables and Mobile Move Health into Your Home

Featuring: Candice Hughes, PhD, MBA; serial entrepreneur in digital health and biopharma, neuroscientist, author, speaker

Watch Recording

Behavioral Economics and the Savings Crisis

Featuring: Kristen Tyrrell, COO at Catch

Watch Recording

Use IoT and Machine Vision to Reduce Traffic Fatalities

Featuring: Nancy Li, Product Manager of IoT Smart Cities, Blockchain and 5G & Mobile Edge Computing at Verizon

Watch Recording

OMG You Want Me to Write a Book? How to Create a Book to Support Your Business.

Featuring: Meghan Harvey and Christina Henry de Tessan

Watch Recording

Speechwriting Basics

Featuring: Sheri Saginor

Watch Recording

Raise Your Visibility, Increase Your Influence and Advance Your Career

Featuring: Kim Meninger

Watch Recording

Why are you Following Me? The Three Secrets to Being a “Viral” Leader

Featuring: Jen Coken

Watch recording

Why Wait? Driving Gender-balance and New Opportunities for Women Now

Featuring: Bobbie Carlton, founder of Innovation Women

Watch recording

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