New Speaking Engagements


Meridith Grundei will be speaking and facilitating programming for Amazon AWS New Voices and their Builders Community for the month of March.

Janice Dru-Bennett presents Get More Referrals Than You Can Handle Free Educational Workshop on March 14.

Joyel Crawford will give the closing keynote speech at the Philadelphia SHRM Symposium on March 14 in Philadelphia PA.

Kelly Colon will be presenting a workshop on Culture, Diversity and Unwritten Rules to the finance team at Northeastern University on March 18 in Boston MA.

Brenda Viola is leading Washington Municipal Clerks Association training on March 19 in Yakima, WA.

Dr. Anmol Agarwal will be speaking at Data Science salon Austin on March 20 in Austin TX.

Quintana Patterson presents 360 Advance Webinar – Celebrating Women in Cybersecurity on March 20.

Jess Feldt presents a LinkedIn Live Event with The Violet Collective: Slow Down to Speed Up: Creating Space for Professional Development on March 21.

Pamela Everett is speaking at the Quirk’s Conference for Marketing Research and Insights Professionals on March 26-27 in Chicago, IL.

Valerie Perlowitz will be speaking at Sunshine CyberCon on March 28 in Tampa FL.


Clare Kumar will be speaking at the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Summit on April 3-6 in Long Beach, CA.

Brenda Viola will be leading Mississippi Municipal Clerks Association training on April 3 in Meridian, MS; Pennsylvania Association of Municipal Administrators Workshop on August 12 in Erie, PA; and Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders training on September 25 in Pendleton, OR.

Kate Hufnagel will be speaking at the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals National Summit on April 5 in Long Beach, CA.

Wendy Rimmelspacher will be speaking at the University of Idaho’s Live ‘Our Financial Conference’ on April 5 in Moscow ID.

Alla Adam will be speaking at TEDxWynwood on April 11 in Miami FL.

Erin Hatzikostas will be speaking at the Acetech Leadership Summit on April 11 in Whistler, BC.

Eva Cruz will be a speaker at the 2024 DataConnect Conference on April 11-12 in Columbus OH.

Caitlin Donovan will be speaking at Rockford Network of Professional Women: Resentment Is Your Superpower on April 18 in Rockford, IL

Lola Adeyemo will be speaking at the EPIC Conference on April 24-26 in Las Vegas NV.

Marsha Hudson presents Conquer Camera Fear: How to Get Over Camera Shyness and Shine On! on April 30, and will be speaking at the NISOD 2024 Annual Spring Conference on May 25-28 in Austin TX.

Bobbie Carlton will be speaking on Speaking with Purpose at the Women In Tech Spring 2024 Summit on May 2-3 in Philadelphia PA.

Alison Young will take part in the Hike Like A Woman Virtual Summit on May 7-12.

Ashley Smith will be presenting at Mental Health KC Conference 2024 on May 23-24 in Overland Park KS, and at SHRM of Greater Kansas City Membership Program on May 14 in Kansas City MO.


Priscilla Espinosa was a panelist at New England VegFest on May 21 2023 in Worcester MA, and the Research Conference of Science & Technology on November 25-26, 2023 at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo in Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Yaro Fong-Olivares spoke at the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association’s Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference on December 7 in Waltham MA, and the Massachusetts Conference for Women on December 14 in Boston MA.

Diane Darling presented Experiential Networking for UConn Entrepreneur Students on January 31 in Storrs CT.

Carrie Pasquarello presented Strategize Your Travel Safety at the St. James NEST on January 23 in Southport NC.

Mark Maynard presented Working with Purpose: Aligning Vision with Action at Sales Club USA on January 22.

Bobbi Brinkman spoke at the 2024 Compete Sports Diversity Women’s DEI Summit on January 26-27 in Glendale AZ.

Amanda A. Russo spoke at Vistage on February 1.

Brenda Viola emceed the Ardmore Rotary Acapella Competition on February 4 in Ardmore, PA.

Alexis Quintal spoke on a panel at the GenerativeAI conference on February 11-13 in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

Kate Hufnagel presented Upping Your Digital Hygiene Game For You and Your Clients at NAPO-GA on February 13, and Beyond Bins and Labels: Transforming Your Organizing Business with AI at NAPO-SFBA on February 14, and Professional Development Day at George Mason University on February 20.

Babs Ryan presented Crusher Cover Letters that Get You on the Board of Directors on February 13.

Precious Williams spoke at WE Master Leadership Conference: Revolutionize Your Business Growth on February 21-22; Inspiring Story of Resilience – Tips for Overcoming Your Challenges and Transforming them Into Opportunities! on February 28; and The B&E Masterclass on February 29.

Charlene Lam spoke at the Conscious Grief Series 5: Transforming Pain into Evolution and Growth on February 17-25.

Orly Zeewy presented Switch the Pitch: Take Your Elevator Pitch to The Next Level and Learn How to Master the Art of Networking on February 21, and was the keynote at Master Your Pitch for Virtuosa & Yazamiyot Canada on February 29 in Toronto Canada.

Dr. Anmol Agarwal spoke at the ISC2 Dallas Fort Worth chapter meeting on January 26 in Fort Worth TX; and was a panelist for Disruptive Innovation: Preparing for the Next Wave of Technology Disruptors on February 22.

Marline C Duroseau was a speaker & presenter at Powerful on Purpose Summit Maximum Impact on February 24 in Columbia, SC.

Ashley Smith presented Conquering Panic Attacks: Evidence-based Strategies for Lasting Relief for eCare Behavioral Institute on February 26.

Lisa Rothstein spoke at the Product Tank San Diego Meetup on February 27 in San Diego CA.

Tasha Golden spoke at these events: Mayors’ Institute on City Design: “Virtual Seminar: Arts, Urban Design, and Mental Health” on February 27; Public Health Communications Collaborative: “Arts-Focused Approaches to Public Health Communications” Webinar on February 29;:“The Business of Art Symposium,” Nevada County Arts Council on March 2 in Grass Valley CA; and The Arts-in-Healthcare and Creative Aging Training Institute 2024 on March 4.

Ucheonye Maple spoke at the Science for All Summit on February 28-29 in Chapel Hill NC.

Jamee Damron-Larsen delivered the keynote speech at the Head Start California Annual Conference on March 1 in Long Beach CA.

Mary Cheyne presented Multiply Your Small Business Success using Public Speaking even online for SCORE on March 6.

Lidia Varesco Racoma presented Creating a Brand Marketing Toolkit on March 7.

Rita Ernst spoke at the Kentucky Public Health Annual Conference on March 7 in Louisville KY.

Marsha Hudson presented Social Media Branding-Palestine Lunch & Learn on March 7 in Palestine TX.

Lidia Varesco Racoma presented How to Create a Simple and Effective Nonprofit Content Calendar on March 12.

Sharon Delaney McCloud spoke at the Power Symposium on March 12 in Las Vegas.

Amanda A. Russo spoke at Vistage on March 12.

Joanne Newborn spoke at the Tri-State Camp Conference on March 13 in Atlantic City.

Chiletam Ogbu presents Don’t Let Your Cloud Dreams Turn into Data Nightmares: Tips for Migration on BrightTalk on March 13.

New Publications

Jennifer Layman‘s book Forward Thinking For Your Business: It’s not who you know in business, it’s who knows you is available at Amazon.

Linda J. Curry‘s book The 4-Minute Miracle is available at Amazon.

Cate Hollowitsch was recently selected as one of 100 Titans of Industry by The Titan 100 program.

Tasha Golden published “The Role of Community Arts in Trauma Recovery” in Psychology Today.

Alla Adam published “5 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Life.” in Forbes.

Michelle Singh‘s book Captured: The Inspirational Journal is available at Amazon.

Diane Helbig was published in MoneyGeek, Top Sales Magazine, and The Women’s Journal.

Julie Nerney was featured in Forbes, Headspring (part of FT) Maddyness, Ambition (Association of MBAs), Engage Employee, and Business Leader. Her book Business Morphology: How to navigate through change is available at Amazon.

Gina Riley published Apply New Rules of Executive Presence to Your Next Job Interview for Forbes Coaches Council.

Stacia Skinner‘s books Competitive Selling: The Guidebook to Proactive Calling in a Reactive World and Sell Now!: Adaptive Strategies for Today’s Changing Marketplace are available at Amazon.

Gincy Heins‘s books 365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers and Before the Diagnosis: More Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia are available at Amazon.

Carrie Pasquarello was interviewed by USA Today.

Janice Chaka‘s book Introvert Insight, Women’s Perspectives, Volume 1: Inspirational Stories Celebrating Female Introverts On International Women’s Day is available at Amazon.

Ambika Devi received Female CEO of the Year for Most Inspirational Workplace Communications Specialist in 2023 from CEO Monthly.

Danielle Cobo‘s book Unstoppable Grit: Break Through the 7 Roadblocks Standing Between You and Achieving Your Goals is available at Amazon.

Elisa Boogaerts‘s book Change Your Life with Self-Confidence: Introducing The Confidence Method is available at Amazon.

Bonnie Low-Kramen‘s book Staff Matters: People-Focused Solutions for the Ultimate New Workplace is available at Amazon.

Sina Smith‘s book Demystifying Acupuncture: Modern Answers About Ancient Medicine is available at Amazon.

Precious Williams is a Top 10 Finalist for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO National) Women Business Owner of the Year 2023.

Tracy Otsuka‘s book ADHD for Smart Ass Women: How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain is available at Amazon.

Gretchen Villegas was featured in 2024 Most Empowering Women Leaders to Follow in CIO Times Magazine and Pioneering Women Leaders Reshaping the Industry Landscape in Empire Media.

Gina Riley published an Will An Executive Recruiter Find A Job For Me? 3 Recruitment Models And How To Leverage Relationships With Recruiters in Forbes.

New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Tasha Golden was a guest on these podcasts: Change the Story Change the World Podcast, NXTLVL Experience Design, and Enhance Life with Music.

Tracy Stayton was a guest on the Apex Activated podcast.

Anastasia Lipske appeared on the Your Partner in Success podcast – Part 1 and Part 2.

Priscilla Espinosa appeared on “Discussing Fitchburg Now” at Fitchburg Access Television (FATV).

Cindy Gross was a guest on the Roller Coaster of Midlife Hosted by Lucie Q.

Alison Young will speak on the season opener for Island of Discarded Women.

Diane Helbig was a guest on Podcast Host Army and Let’s Have This Conversation.

Dr. Anmol Agarwal spoke on Episode 12 of the Cyber Weekly Podcast, The Cyberxhibit Podcast, Elephant in AppSec Podcast, and Episode #40 of the BigIdeas on the Go Podcast hosted by BigID.

Carrie Pasquarello was interviewed on Fox 24 News.

Debra Eckerling presented #GoalChatLive with guests Bobbie Carlton, John Chen & Shelley Goldstein, and was a guest on the Making Sales Social Podcast.

Alison Jacobson was a guest on these podcasts: She’s Invincible with Kamie Lehmann, Hill Talks – Momentum in Midlife, Gratitude Builds Fortitude, and Feminine Roadmap.

Cheryl L. Mason spoke at TEDxRiverOaks.

Alison Jacobson was a guest on the podcast Empowered and Unapologetic with Veronica Cisneros, and the Hormone Hotties podcast.

Gretchen Villegas was a guest on the GDP The Global Development Podcast with Dr. Robert Huish.

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