The National Council of Nonprofits is the largest network of nonprofits in North America. We champion, inform, and connect organizations
In a world drowning in the pursuit of positivity, we've overlooked the hidden gem that holds the key to defeating
Cloud's allure is undeniable, with worldwide services projected to cross $1 trillion by 2025. But amidst the excitement, a hidden
Every week we welcome our new and renewing members in our newsletter. (Well, at least the ones who add their
Ready to be Inspired and Take your Purpose to the Next Level? Don't navigate the journey alone. Dive deep into
Join us for an exciting hybrid event in-person and online where you can master your pitch and take your communication
Join us for this unique event where you can spend time with hundreds of inspiring women in tech. Women who
Are you a growth-oriented tech CEO? Do you think it's lonely at the top? The Acetech Leadership Summit is designed
Lioness Magazine invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day with other women entrepreneurs. It can be challenging for female founders
Do you speak as part of your work and want to grow? Do you want to become a public speaker
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