Our mission is to provide equal visibility opportunities for women, supporting career development, business success, thought leadership and diversity.

Since 2015, we have consistently grown and placed hundreds of women on stages across the world.  We have also helped hundreds of event managers successfully build diverse panels and events.  Our goals are to connect women with visibility opportunities and help them move forward in their business or careers. We also want to ensure that our platform reflects the breadth and depth of our world so that events can showcase that diversity and inspire future generations.

Below are just some of the Innovation Women accomplishments 


+ 1200

More than 1500 female subject matter experts are members of Innovation Women.



Close to 4500 event managers or conference organizers browse our platform.


+ 1000

More than 1000 invitations have been sent to members of the platform.



Nearly 250 events around the world have had Innovation Women members speak.


“I’m really excited to be a part of the Innovation Women Family and community and I really highly recommend it. It’s a very small investment for a very big return.” Kathryn Rose (Speaker)

“Innovation Women was a great resource in sourcing speakers for this event, and streamlined my process 10 fold. I went from no panelists to done within a couple days when normally it can take weeks. I’ll certainly continue to lean on the platform to ensure that our panels are fair and balanced.” Aaron Radez, Beacon Hill Partners (Event Manager).

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