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RockIT Women webinar series – Build Your Personal Pitch Pyramid: Stop stalling and start bragging!

September 26, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Women exhibit reluctance in discussing their own accomplishments due to prevailing cultural norms that promote modesty. Instead, they tend to downplay their achievements while readily endorsing those of their peers. Prior research has already demonstrated that men are not subject to the same modesty norms that affect women. In fact, men who unabashedly boast about their accomplishments are often perceived as confident and competent. It is crucial to acknowledge that this circumstance cannot be attributed to women’s actions; rather, it emanates from our societal culture. Consequently, it becomes our collective responsibility to identify and implement strategies for modifying these cultural norms.

In this session, learners will examine how to define success, understand how traditional expectations and norms can impose accidental barriers, and ways to navigate the corporate arena with intention. By encouraging open discussions and providing practical strategies, this session aims to empower participants to forge their paths confidently, breaking free from the constraints imposed by outdated norms and promoting a more equitable and inclusive professional landscape.


Sybil Stewart