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The VON3 Summit

January 24, 2022 - January 26, 2022

The first VON3 event will be a two day virtual summit taking place January 25-26, 2022. Pre-Conference on January 24th.

14 years ago, back in March, 2007 at Spring 2007 VON, I shared my perspective about the future evolution of communications and included a look at the Metaverse. My talk was broadcast live in Second Life at a virtual conference facility we called Pulveria. For perspective, please watch the one minute original promotional video found below.
While a lot has changed over the past 14 years, many things have also stayed the same. It has taken this long for some of the underlying concepts of the Metaverse to become part of Pop Culture.
After watching NFTs cross over from an asset from the crypto world into becoming of the most over-hyped, misunderstood terms in 2021, I realized the time has come for bringing VON3 to life.
Historically my VON conferences helped accelerate the global growth of the Voice on the Net and Video on the Net worlds. VON helped usher in a new era in global communications. I envision similar opportunities at VON3. While elements of Web3 have been around for a few years, I believe now is the time to start pushing forward and explore the brave new opportunities available because of Web3.


Motivational speaker, Orly Zeewy headshot.
Orly Zeewy