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Startup Stir: Evening of Entrepreneurship
March 2, 2017
Multiple Locations
Startup Stir is holding events across the globe on March 1-2, in Boston, San Francisco, London and more. This is their third annual Evening of Entrepreneurship, aimed at inspiring women in tech.Their San Francisco event will feature two Innovation Women speakers. Learn more here.
Non-Linear Finance and the Art of Business Projections
March 2, 2017
Cambridge, MA
Attend this workshop and hear Innovation Women speaker Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz teach about business planning, financing, and rolling forecasts. Learn more.
Power of US – Women in Leadership Conference
March 11, 2017
Berkeley, CA
From their website: “The 21st annual Berkeley-Haas Women in Leadership conference focuses on collaboration between men and women so that we can empower each other, inspire each other, and lead together.”
Dolphin Tank
March 12, 2017
Austin, TX (SXSW)
Are you going to South By Southwest this year? Attend Dolphin Tank. From their website: “Dolphin Tank® programs are “helpful feedback-driven” pitch sessions designed to provide entrepreneurs with actionable insights. The Dolphin Tank isn’t about Sharks or Dragons or a competition for the best idea, it’s about channeling the expertise of the people in the room to provide connections and advice to help entrepreneurs take the next step.”
BostonTalks: What’s Brewin’
March 16, 2017
Boston, MA
From their site: “Adam Ritchie’s band The Lights Out released its album on a can of Aeronaut beer. That’s right — drink a brew and discover new music at the same time. Adam explains this journey. Castle Island Brewing Co. Head Brewer Matt DeLuca talks about brewing beer and using failure to their advantage. Additional speakers to come.”
Innovations in the Medical Device Industry
March 16, 2017
Boston, MA
Join WITI for a discussion on how women can position themselves for a move into the medical device industry, trends, and future challenges and opportunities. Learn more.
March 18, 2017
San Francisco, CA
From their site: “A one day hackathon for women from experienced coders to total newbies. Come with an idea or join a team on-site and spend the day building a great project with enthusiastic, fun people. You don’t have to know how to code to join this hackathon. Dev BootCamp is offering beginner coding workshops alongside the event so everyone leaves having learned a new skill and contributing to a project!”
Women in Tech Festival 2017 – Building the She-conomy
March 24, 2017
Mountain View, CA
From their website: “TWO amazing days to inspire, empower, and support women in tech! Silicon Valley Forum’s Women in Tech Festival celebrates women in tech, STEM, and business careers who work to inspire, engage, and empower other women. Since the inaugural event in 2015, the Women in Tech Festival has encouraged women – and men who support the advancement of women – to join together for a day of inspiring talks, insights on how technology is powering change, and educational workshops.”
6th Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit
March 27-29, 2017
Philadelphia, PA
From their website: “The 6th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting for Pharmaceuticals Summit takes a comprehensive approach to understand the latest regulations for the DSCSA to remain compliant and uphold quality through-brand protections plans and anti-counterfeiting strategies.” -Learn more here.
The Women’s Leadership Conference
March 31 – April 1 2017
Smith College
The Women’s Leadership Conference is “a two-day event featuring workshops and career development opportunities, all led by distinguished alumnae and faculty. Presenters will share personal and professional stories of how they have pushed traditional boundaries to achieve success, and give you the tools you need to bravely push your own boundaries.”Learn more.
Not a Barbie Career and Empowerment Conference
April 8, 2017
Wheelock College
From their website: “The #NotABarbie Career and Empowerment Conference aims to provide guidance and build community among women and trans professionals who are uninspired by “lean in” thinking. We seek to uplift and validate the characteristics that make women great employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders.” Learn more here.
2017 BE BOLD Conference
May 17, 2017
Boston, MA
This is the 2nd Annual Conference for Boston Business Women at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. From their website: “Experience the power and inspiration at the 2nd Annual Boston Business Women’s Conference… The day will be filled with amazing celebrity speakers, a relaxation room, networking, learning, thinking and getting to know the other women in Boston’s business scene.” Learn More.
IoT Evolution Expo
July 17-20
Las Vegas, NV
Meet and network with industry leaders  and other tech professionals as they discuss the future of the industry and its changing landscape. Learn more here.

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