Part of the East Coast Product team, and our own Sherry Seibel. Steph Bond is second from the right.

Like many non-technical tech startup founders, we needed expert technical help to bring our web application to life. We were fortunate to pair with East Coast Product to create the first version of Innovation Women. (Oh yes, we have future plans…)
The ECP team in Boston works from one of the two WeWork Boston locations and last night participated in WeWork’s “Hello World” night. (According to WeWork, “A ‘Hello, World!’ program is traditionally the first program someone learns on a computer. It’s simple enough that people who have no past experience can understand it easily, especially with the guidance of an instructor.”)
This “Hello World” event was a series of presentations from WeWork companies with new projects/companies, including Innovation Women.  We were super-duper psyched to be present when Steph Bond, UX/UI designer at ECP, presented the Innovation Women project…and won the hearts of the room.  (Yes, that means we won the on-site voting.) WOOT!
We were also super-excited because Steph professed to not have a lot of experience presenting.  In other words, we were witnessing the early days for a budding Innovation Woman speaker.  We know that not everyone has a lot of experience speaking, and the more speaking you do, the better you get.
Rock on, Steph! More speaking and visibility opportunities await you! Speaking is great for your career and your company’s visibility. (P.S. You were so awesome we’re not totally believing the ‘lack of experience’ line.)

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