These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Read “From Sensors to Sensing Inner Beauty” from Innovation Woman Nancy A. Shenker in Authority Magazine.
Read “Succession: A No Drama Approach” from Innovation Woman Janice DiPietro in Family Business Magazine.
“Think. Drink. Eat. Move: 4 Steps to YES”, the new book from from Innovation Woman Jeanne M. Stafford, is now available at Amazon.
Innovation Woman Terri Givens will speaking on the panel “Changing Societies: The Rise of Populist Politics and its Impact on Social Movements, Values, and Policies” at the Doha Forum on December 16 2018 in Doha Qatar.
Innovation Woman Melissa Harrison will be speaking at these events: The Special Event January 8-10 2019 in San Diego CA, Indiana Safety and Health Conference February 26 2019 in Indianapolis IN, and AAM Summit at AICPA Engage June 11-13 2019 in Las Vegas NV.
Innovation Woman Valerie Gordon presents “The Art of Advancing Your Story in 2019” at the 2nd Annual The Art of Showing Up: The Art of Storytelling and Creating You! in Bristol CT on January 9, 2019.
Innovation Woman Kali Roberge will be speaking at Inside ETFs February 10-13 in Hollywood FL.
Innovation Woman Christina Qi will be a featured speaker at TradeTech FX USA 2019 February 13-15 2019 in Miami FL.
Innovation Woman Margot Bloomstein will speak on Slow Content Strategy at An Event Apart in Seattle March 4-6 2019, in Washington DC July 29-31 2019, and in San Francisco December 9-11 2019.
Innovation Woman Navah Hopkins will be speaking at these events: Pubcon Florida March 5-7 2019 in Ft Lauderdale FL, SMX Munich April 1-4 2019 in Munich Germany, and Heroconf April 23-25 2019 in Philadelphia PA.
Innovation Woman Nikki Henry will present “The Changing Workforce: Finding Workers, Attracting Millennials” and “Women of Wireless Workshop” at IWCE Expo 2019 March 7-8 2019 in Las Vegas NV, and “Become the Leader You Always Wished You’d Had” at the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2019 in Portland, OR March 13-15 2019 – she got these opportunities through Innovation Women!
Innovation Woman Kristy Wallace will be speaking at SXSW 2019: “Danger in Silence: #TimesUp for Pay Inequity”
Innovation Woman Krista Clive-Smith will be speaking at the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Conference March 9 2019 in San Diego CA
Innovation Woman Jen Coken will be the Keynote Speaker for the Society of Women Engineers, WE Local Denver Conference on March 16 2019.
Innovation Woman Sharon Delaney McCloud will be speaking at Empower, NEPA Women’s Leadership Conference in Wilkes-Barre PA on May 1 2019 – Sharon got this speaking opportunity through Innovation Women!
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