Marcie Black is CEO and co-founder of Advanced Silicon Group. ASG is commercializing silicon nanowires for use in batteries, solar cells, thermoelectrics, microfluidics, and MEMs applications. Prior to founding ASG, Marcie was the President and co-founder of Bandgap Engineering. 1b0b728
She has more than twenty years’ experience in the solar energy, semiconductor, and the opto-electronic industries. Before joining Bandgap, Marcie was a technical staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory and worked on a variety of nanotechnology and optical systems. She began at Los Alamos National Labs as a prestigious Director’s Funded Post Doc, developing organic and nano solar cells. Her Ph.D. is from MIT in Electrical Engineering, under the supervision of Institute Professor, Mildred Dresselhaus. Prior to her Ph.D. work, Marcie was a device engineer at Motorola where she was on a small team responsible for combining non-volatile memory and logic onto the same chip. She improved the manufacturing yields by working with the process engineer to improve silicide formation. In 2009, she was awarded an R&D 100 award for her contributions to work at LANL.


Marcie’s company, the Advanced Silicon Group, recently received their first grant from the University of Iowa titled “A Silicon Nanowire Array Optoelectronic Cartridge for Cancer Biomarker Detection”. Her company was also a finalist in the Clean Tech Open.
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