A seasoned senior executive and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), with several advanced degrees and certifications, Vanessa is a leader in information security, compliance, and strategy across multiple platforms at the highest compliance levels. She’s at the forefront of developing and deploying successful, large scale data security programs for Fortune 500 companies in the mobile, personal data and financial services arenas. Vanessa is currently VP and CISO for DocuSign, helping to lead the company in providing an industry leading security program to its customers.
Previous speaking engagements include: Intel Security, University of Washington, Cloud Security Alliance, SecureWorld, Evanta CISO Summit, ISACA, Murray State University, IMA (The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business) and numerous organizations focused on woman in technology leadership. She has been asked to speak on the topics of mobile security, security leadership, security innovation, organizational design, EU data privacy, and cyber crime and identity theft to diverse audiences comprised of the nation’s leading security experts and practitioners, senior U.S. military and academics in the field.
Right now: Intel’s FOCUS Security conference kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday and according to IT Pro Portal, Vanessa was the most “interesting” speaker there.  “She put forward the idea that many executives simply don’t understand how fundamental security is to the success of their business, citing Ashley Madison as an example of a company that was selling privacy, but didn’t fully appreciate the importance of security.”


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