_DrJ-2013_HI_RESIn 1979, Dr. Janice Presser set out to find an answer to the question “What really happens when people team together?” Twenty-five years of research and field testing, including nine years of software development – and a stellar team – produced a completely new technology, Teamability.
It enables organizations to align people with personally satisfying job responsibilities, and to create teams in which every team member makes essential contributions to the mission of the team. Besides CEO, Dr. Presser has held many other titles including behavioral scientist, entrepreneur, technology architect, family therapist, author of five books on family matters, consultant, blogger, underground midwife, and political candidate.
Recently, Dr. Presser spoke at the Innovation Leadership Forum hosted by Comcast. She was asked to sit on the panel after higher-ups realized the speakers were all male. We’re thrilled that large companies are recognizing the importance of diversity on panels. We want to hear more stories like that! Learn more about Janice Presser and meet more innovative women on our website.

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