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    Getting paid to speak is a common topic of conversation in our community. In order to help our members better understand how they can be compensated for their time, effort and expertise, we surveyed more than 350 event managers. Based on that survey:

    • Half reported having no budget.
    • Forty-two percent pay some speakers.
    • Only eight percent pay all or most of their speakers.

    This guide will help you better understand the world of events and speaker compensation. Learn great negotiation tactics and strategies. Transform no-budget gigs through options like book selling, client prospecting and other strategies.

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    Why join Innovation Women?

    What is Innovation Women?

    • Innovation Women is a self-service visibility bureau connecting event managers with public speakers. Innovation Women provides members with a close-knit community, an expansive list of speaking opportunities, educational content and profiles to showcase their expertise.
    • Our mission is to provide equal visibility opportunities for women, supporting career development, business success, thought leadership and diversity. We’re also here to help event managers avoid the all-male, all-pale and all-stale panels we see so often at industry conferences and events.

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    • Apply to events: 50-100 speaking opportunities are added to our site every week. The applications are listed on our platform saving you time and research. (You can filter through the list by location, industry and topic.)
    • Connect with event managers: You’ll get a spot in our speaker database that hundreds of event managers regularly use to book speakers for their events. On your profile you can upload your headshot, bio, example talks, compensation requirements and any other relevant information.



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