We’re so excited to see so many of you taking matters into your own hards, helping ourselves and helping others too! Even though many of us were busy last week with family, friends and holiday gatherings, we had a steady stream of new speakers signing up and using one of our #Good4Girls codes to make a donation to either Science Club for Girls or TechGirlz…and get an awesome discount on their speaker profile. Learn more about our Good4Girls campaign.Use these codes:
  • Good4TG for TechGirlz ($75 profile and a $25 donation)
  • Good4SCFG for Science Club for Girls ($75 profile and $25 donation)
  • Good4Girls will charge you $90 and we’ll make a $25 donation to both causes.
Now that Thankgiving is behind us, we need to swing into high gear. Help build our community – we need more speakers to get out there! Share the program – click to Tweet!
  • Who are the women in your city or town who need more airtime?
  • Who tells an amazing story that others need to hear?
  • Who needs more visibility for themselves, their career or their company?
Speaking Invitations
Even with the holidays, our speaker concierge service has been very busy over the last 2 weeks. We presented 35 speaker names for consideration by event managers. In addition, we had more than 40 invitations sent out in November. These ranged from paid keynote opportunities topanel participation.
Event managers – let us know if you need help finding and connecting with speakers, panelists, pitch night judges, guest lecturers, workshop leader. We can help.
Speakers – make sure your profile is up-to-date! Make sure you include all your keywords and add a video if you can!
Bobbie, Betsy and the whole Innovation Women team


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