Tonight (Tuesday, October 30, 2018), we’re hosting another Innovation Women Pop-up, this time at the brand new  Boston Industrious FiDi location as part of their “No Tricks, Just Treats” event. It’s all part of a cool “sneak peek” event.
These awesome Innovation Women members will be speaking as part of the event: Darlene Corbett, Robin Neff Clebnik, Marie Warner, Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, Laura Foley, Brenda Loan Baker, Julia Geisman, Carrie Pasquarello, Christine Qi, Brent Harding, Jodi-Tatiana Charles, Andrea Spector, Nicole Polletta, Heather ONeill, Deniz Johnson,  Kate Curran, Stephanie Schmidt, Angela Pitter, Regina Au, Erica Seidel, Jennie Kelly, Susan Mckenney.
We’re going to have two teams working at the same time (two different rooms.) The talks will range from author interviews to fireside chats to individual featured speakers. We’re going to learn about superconnectors, trends and challenges in fintech, and running away to join the circus, by someone who did just that. We’ll learn about opportunity and self-awareness, connecting to sell, getting unstuck and 7 rules for great presentations.
Join us in-person (RSVP ASAP) or join us on Facebook, tonight starting at 6:00 pm. It’s a great way to find speakers for your future events!
(photo credit: Tina Adolfsson)

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