Check out the latest events featuring Innovation Women speakers!

Emerald Greenforest presents her free seminar “Prosper with Podcasting” on January 15. 



Stephanie Smith will be speaking at HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference on January 22 in New York City, and Hotel Revenue Conference on February 19-21 in Seattle WA.



Ilhiana Rojas-Saldana will be speaking at Latinos in Tech: Elevating Your Personal Brand in 2020 on January 28 in Boston MA.



Michelle Tillis Lederman will be speaking at these events: NYC SHRM Webinar: CONNECTED LEADERSHIP Foster and Retain an Engaged Team on January 17The Value of Conflict on January 22 in Charleston SC, and the Webinar: Connected Leadership… How To Get What You Want on January 23.


Uche Maple will be speaking at these events: Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM on February 7 in Washington DC, and EMPOWER ENGAGE EXECUTE: The Secret to Career Success on February 29 in Tyler TX.



Watch Nancy Li‘s video Don’t Ask For A Raise During End-of-year Performance Review! & Why on her YouTube channel. Nancy is sharing her personal system on how to get a raise.



Caryanne Keenan presents her webinar Mentors Matter: The Whys & Hows of Women Finding Professional Mentors on January 21.



Myrna Greenfield will be speaking at Winter Warm Up: A Creative Bootcamp for Independent Businesses on January 19-20 in Boston MA.

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