Check out the latest events featuring Innovation Women speakers!

Jasmine Williams will be presenting “How to Stop Half-Assin’ It: Leading From the Side” at the Empowering Women in Leadership Conference at Penn State University on April 10.



Kim Miles presents “Who Says a Cup of Coffee Can’t Change Your Life? How the role of chance, embracing a shift in mindset, and a cup of coffee can alter your life trajectory.™” at Bryant University Women’s Summit on March 13th.



Michelle Tillis Lederman presents her webinar Connected Leadership: Fostering and Retaining an Engaged Team on January 23.



Vanessa Cabrera will be speaking at Keys to Digital Marketing Success on February 5 in Lisle IL, and Midwest Digital Marketing Conference on April 8-10 in St Louis MO.



Watch Sharon Delaney McCloud‘s TED Talk How And Why You Should Talk to Bereaved Parents.



LaShawn McCrary will be a Panelist for the WOICS Leadership Conference
on February 8 in Atlanta GA.



Barbara-Ann Yates presents the Womaneuvers™ Workshop Experience starting on February 2.



Simone Kotraba presents Wealth Building Workshop for Women on February 4 in Boston, and Wealth Mindset on February 6 at Boston University.


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