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It’s New Year’s resolution time again! No pressure.
If you’ve determined this is the year you’ll become the best you possible, we have a bunch of terrific books to inspire, teach, bolster, and generally motivate you to change the things you want to and embrace the rest. These books, written by Innovation Women, will help you learn to make the most of your career, your relationships, and your life.
In The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family & Life, authors Jodi Ecker Detjen, Michelle A. Waters, and Kelly Watson delve into the work-life balance question and discover the reasons women often find having it all so difficult. Through interviews with 118 women, they come up with a new way of thinking. Women hold themselves back with outdated ideals and expectations. The authors ask women to shed their guilt and look inward to claim their power.
When your skin looks and feels good, you radiate health. In The Skin Whisperer: A Dermatologist Reveals How to Look Younger, Radiate Beauty and Live the Life You Crave, Dr. Keira Barr’s simple and groundbreaking approach to skincare will help boost your confidence and help you look and feel your best.
Part of living your best life is knowing who you are and celebrating what makes you different. In It’s Just a Rug, Jodi-Tatiana Charles and artist Diana Lisanto encourage children to be curious about who they are and where they came from and to learn from their cultural differences.
If you’ve ever felt like you were living life on a treadmill someone else set up, What Would a Wise Woman Do?: Questions to Ask Along the Way is the book for you. In it, author Laura Steward Atchison tells her own story. She had a great family and a successful career, when she realized she was stuck on autopilot. She didn’t ask the right questions at appropriate junctures in her life, so she blindly followed the wrong path. What Would a Wise Woman Do? gives you the questions you can ask to help you unlock the life you were meant to live.   
In Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get Going, Pat Obuchowski outlines a model for success that helps you find your passion to lead and empowers you to pursue it.  By telling the stories of seven women’s journeys, Obuchowski illustrates how to take action and make your life more fulfilling.
Reverend Candace Nadine Breen shares her story of childhood abuse and how she overcame it in After the Darkness: A survivor’s TRUE story of childhood incest, rape, abuse, domestic violence, and her ability to overcome the negative impact these events had on her life. This is a powerful tale of a woman’s ability to withstand hardship and come through stronger than ever.
Women work hard. They raise families, take care of their homes, and own their families’ schedules, all while climbing the corporate ladder and dealing with a corporate culture that often resents their presence. In Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, Liz O’Donnell looks at how women balance their home lives and careers, the options they have, and the impact these decisions have on their lives.
There’s nothing like financial stability to ease stress and make you feel great. Nicole Peterkin understands that. In her book, If You Love Your Family, Save Like It, Peterkin describes how her dad, a successful chemical engineer, earned a good living, but never lived the kind of lifestyle he could have. She helps you create a strategy to make your money work for you so you can live the life you want.
In Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self, Nomi Bachar tells you how to use her Gates of Power® Method as a path to self-healing. Bachar’s book is the ultimate guide for creating a vibrant, powerful and whole self.
In Jen Coken’s book, Embrace The Ridiculousness!: A Pocket Guide To Being A Better You, the author helps you take a hard look at yourself so you can move ahead and achieve the results and future you really want.
In Messages from Shakti, Zinnia Gupte provides 24 days of illumination on inner power, inspiration to cultivate more sacred self-love, and mantras to attract more confidence and beauty. This self-help guide is full of mantras to help you toward a path of light and a freedom from pain.
Need more motivation? Here are books by Innovation Women to help you grab life by the horns and be the happiest, healthiest you possible.
Power of Transparency by Lisa Liberatore
Accelerate Your Impact by JJ DiGeronimo
Think. Drink. Eat. Move. 4 Steps to YES by Jeanne Stafford
The Only Way is Up! Just Steph’s Perspective on Life by Steph Palermo
Where in the Om Am I? by Sara DiVello
Find Your FIERCE: Answering Your Soul’s Call to Purpose, Power & Profit by Nicole Roberts Jones

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