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To Land a Speaking Gig, You Need Our Advanced Profile Creation Service

Innovation Women is all about visibility. When event managers see you, they can ask you to speak at their events. When employers, boards, selection committees, and other event managers see you speak, they can hire you, promote you, choose you to serve on their boards, or ask you to speak at more events, continuing the cycle of career growth.  

Joining Innovation Women is the first step. Now that you’re a member (Huzzah!), you need a way for event managers to find you.  

You need a great Innovation Women profile.  

Great. All you need is one more thing to do. 

Relax. We can help cross at least one thing off your ever-growing to-do list. We know what event planners are looking for and will create a profile based on your strengths, passion, and experience.  

After a short conversation with you, the Innovation Women staff will build your profile, highlighting your expertise. It’ll be a snap for event managers to find you for the panel on additive manufacturing, the fireside chat on business intelligence trends, or the keynote at next year’s FinTech conference.  

How does it work? 

The $349 fee gets you:  

  • An interview where we review information you currently have and discuss your speaking goals
  • A first draft, based on information you provide and our knowledge of the speaking world
  • A meeting to discuss your feedback 
  • A final, approved draft which we will post to your profile   

We’ll ask you a few questions. 

  • What got you started? What was the spark that lit your passion for robotics, fundraising for non-profits, or an app matching shelter dogs with foster families? 
  • Do you have a signature talk? Tell us the backstory. What are the takeaways? Better yet, send us a video and we’ll include it on your profile.  
  • Have you worked with well-known people or companies? List them. No, this isn’t a resume, more like a highlight reel.

Do you have a video of yourself speaking? If not, we partner with AnswerStage to help you create a virtual speaker sizzle reel.We’ll send the profile to you for feedback and approval. We’ll post the final version on the Innovation Women site. We’ll even feature you and your shiny new profile in our Innovation Women newsletter.  

At Innovation Women, our passion is getting more women speakers on stageCrafting a fantastic profile to promote your passion is how we do that.  


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