In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re bringing back the super panel! (What is a super panel? It’s an Innovation Women specialty, a way for us to recognize and promote some of the best women speakers in a given industry or on a given topic.)  If we had a chance to assemble a round table, or a super exclusive invite-only event, these are some of the cybersecurity experts we’d invite.

These awesome speakers can tell you about data privacy, best practices, and emerging technologies. They’re in various industries and locations… and they all just happen to be women. If you are an event manager, event planner or conference manager, just sign up for a free account and once approved, you can browse our speakers, and add diversity and gender-balance to the event you are booking speakers for by connecting with them directly.

The 2019 Cybersecurity Super Panel: First Row: Cat Coode, Ontario, Canada; Catherine Boivie, Vancouver, Canada; Cynthia Wright, Denver, CO; Deb McFadden, Wilton, CT; Debra Baker, Raleigh, NC; Sloane Joie Trugman, Los Angeles, CA. Second Row: Deidre Diamond, Boston, MA; Michelle Hodges, Charlotte, NC; Heather Stratford, Spokane, WA; Janine Darling, New York, NY; Jennifer Ives, Fairfax, VA; Sarah Squire, Seattle, WA. Third Row: Jill Hazan, Washington, DC; Kacy Zurkus, Lowell, MA; Kelley Mista, Boston, MA; Michelle Coyle, Woburn, MA; Nancy Ross, Washington, DC; Yolanda Smith, Boston, MA. Fourth Row: Roselle Safran, Washington, DC & New York, NY; Sandy Carielli, Boston, MA; Heather Dahl, Washington, DC; Sandy Silk, Cambridge, MA; Vicky Barbur, Boston, MA.

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Twitter Handles: @BInaryTat, @cboivie, @deb_infosec, @deidrediamond, @heathercdahl, @StrongerTechCEO, @stashglobal, @iAmJives, @KSZ714, @mischyhodges, @RoselleSafran, @sandycarielli, @SarahKSquire, @ysmithnd

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