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    Public speaking can help promote your business or your career, connecting you with potential customers, partners or influencers. Public speaking drives credibility and thought leadership. Public speaking is also a great way to demonstrate and build confidence. Innovation Women has helped thousands of women get onstage at conferences and events. With this free guide, you’ll learn more about the events and speaking world and understand more about how event managers and conference organizers choose speakers. You’ll learn what you need to do to get started, including how to position yourself as The Expert in your field. What is a sizzle reel? A Call for Speakers? (We’ll even throw in some “Super Tips”, those little details no one else thinks to share, and a Special Resources page.)

    What is Innovation Women?

    Innovation Women is a self-service platform connecting event managers and women speakers and subject matter experts around the globe. Our platform is updated daily with speaking opportunities across more than 180 industries. These professional speaking and other visibility opportunities are both in-person and online.

    Our mission is to provide equal visibility opportunities for women and bring diversity to the “all-male, all-pale and all-stale” panels we see so often at industry conferences and events. We need more women onstage in order to drive pay equity, more funding for female-founded companies and place more women on boards.

    Innovation Women has proudly placed thousands of women on stages around the world, as well as helped event managers successfully build diverse panels and events. We want our platform to reflect the breadth and depth of our world so events can showcase that diversity and inspire future generations.


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    What You’ll Get

    Speaker Profile

    Speakers manage their own profiles, including a biography, stories about how you built your business or career, links to your social media, and example talks.

    Database of Speakers & Events

    Event managers, journalist, colleges and universities use our database to find speakers and speakers use our database of speaking opportunities to secure engagements.

    Networking & Promotion

    Your goal is to become the speaker or expert everyone thinks about in your topic or area of expertise. We're here to help you get more visible.

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    Our weekly newsletters provide access to great useful information if you are an event manager, speaker, or business owner, or just looking for your next opportunity.

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    Event managers want to see you in action. We give you the tools to make your own Innovation Women sizzle reel.

    Live Zoom Sessions

    Every Friday the Speaker Friends gather on Zoom from all over the world! Join us to share tips and tricks and opportunities.


    We believe women’s voices need to be heard. We’re here to help women get onstage and inspire the next generation.

    “I started at just free gigs and in 2021 I landed my first five-figure keynote deal thanks to Innovation Women.” Genein Letford, Chief Creative Officer, Caffe Strategies, LLC

    Genein Letford

    Genein Letford

    Chief Creative Officer, Caffe Strategies, LLC