It seems like only yesterday that new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau retorted “Because it’s 2015” when he was asked about gender-parity in his cabinet and why it was important to him.

It’s now 2017 and we’re still working on gender-balance across so many different arenas. We know that having role models is important, seeing women on stage is important and having opportunities to speak is important. That’s why we are here.  We’re working to match speakers with speaking opportunities, help event managers gender balance the speakers at their events, and provide reporters with access to expert sources.
The new year will bring many changes – the first for Innovation Women is the creation of two new weekly newsletters – one for event managers and one for speakers. This way we’ll be able to create content specifically for each group. Let us know what you think!
Don’t forget!  Hidden Figures is now playing! Let’s support this movie about brilliant women working at NASA – our supporting movies like this means more movies like it get made, and more little girls get inspired! (Plus, it’s getting awesome reviews!)
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