This week, Nick Morgan, a contributor to the Forbes blog, wrote an article about Why Are There So Few Women Speakers.  Nick talked about the Catch-22 of speaking: “Few women getting hired to speak means fewer can become stars, which means fewer will get hired to speak.” Nick’s talking about the somewhat rarefied strata of highly compensated speakers but the same imbalance and impact can be seen at all levels of the speaking game.
We call it being part of the speaking “circuit”. The more speaking engagements you have, the more you will get. The more people see you on stage, the more you will appear on stage.  Event managers frequently pick up new speakers for their conferences and events by “raiding” other events. (Think of it as a live audition.)

One of our goals is to make sure that audiences hear from new and more diverse speakers. It’s not just about getting women onstage, it’s about getting GREAT women on stage to tell their stories and share their perspective.  It’s about providing audiences with new and inspiring stories. With Innovation Women, you get more visibility opportunities…#YouAreAStar.

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