These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Rachel Braun Scherl will be speaking at “Women-Centered Design: The future of innovation & investment” June 4 in Vancouver Canada.

Miracle Olatunji will be speaking at INVENTURE$ 2019 June 5-7 in Calgary Canada. She was also named one of 25 2019 Young Futurists by The Root.

Samantha Stone will be a featured speaker at AMPlify 2019 on June 11 2019 in Boston MA.

Melissa Harrison will be speaking at the AAM Summit at AICPA Engage June 11-13 2019 in Las Vegas NV.

Wendy Ellin will be speaking at the Atlanta Recharge Women Summit – The P3 Woman: Passionate, Productive and Profitable June 22 in Palmetto GA.

Jessica Gomez presents “Smart MedTech: How Will the Personalized Care Model Shape the MEMS Industry?” at the Medical Sensors Design Conference June 25 in San Jose, CA.

Adita Lang will be speaking at the Interactive Fitness Trainers Association for their Fitness Weekend at NC State University September 20-22.

Carrie Kuehn will be speaking at these upcoming events: RAPS Convergence 2019 September 23 in Philadelphia PA, and The SFDA Annual Conference 2019 September 30 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Margot Bloomstein will speak on Slow Content Strategy at An Event Apart in Washington DC July 29-31 2019, and in San Francisco December 9-11 2019.

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