These Innovation Women are featured speakers at upcoming events, being published, and being interviewed – check them out!

Innovation Woman Lauren Hasson will be speaking at Wonder Women Tech October 6 in Long Beach, CA.
Innovation Woman Julia Freeland presents “The Business Value of Parenting – Translating Mom & Dad Skills into Business Skills” at the Connect•Work•Thrive Conference October 10 in San Mateo CA.
Innovation Woman Kristann Orton will be presenting “Discovering Your Innovation Sweet Spot” at Indiana’s Day of Innovation October 11 in Indianapolis IN.

Innovation Woman Lauren LeMunyan will be speaking at the following events: Centric Indy – Day of Innovation October 11 in Indianapolis, IN, Surge: Optimism Virtual Conference Association Success – Productivity November 7-9, and Women in Trucking – Accelerate Convention November 12 in Dallas, TX.
Innovation Woman Maria Shepherd will be presenting at the MPO Summit October 11-12 in Broomfield CO
Innovation Woman Krista Clive-Smith will be speaking at the following events: The Route Pro “Time to Thrive” Conference October 12 in Kansas City, and Professional Organizers of Canada National Conference October 25-28 in Kelowna BC.
Innovation Woman Mari Ryan will be speaking at these upcoming events: 2018 MNSHRM State Conference October 14 in St. Cloud MN, and Wellness Council of Wisconsin October 30 in Madison WI.
Innovation Woman Lisa Sasso will be the MC, Speaker and Moderator at Transitioning into and within the Medical Device Industry on October 16 at Regis College in Weston MA.
Innovation Woman Val Wright will be speaking at the Silicon Valley Retail Ascendant October 16 and Silicon Valley Digital Ascendant October 17-18 in San Francisco CA.
Innovation Woman Navah Hopkins will be speaking, moderating, and track chairing at PubCon Pro Las Vegas October 16-18.
Innovation Woman Sharon Delaney McCloud will be speaking at these upcoming events: Arizona Women’s Leadership Forum October 16, Women > A Force in Business October 30 in Raleigh NC, and IAPD Women in Plastics November 8 in Charlotte NC.
Innovation Woman Amma Marfo will be speaking at the ListenUp EDU Conference October 17-18 in Chicago IL.
Innovation Woman Kate Van Dellen will be presenting “Mom-trepreneur” at the Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference We18 in Minneapolis, MN on October 18th.
Innovation Woman Heather O’Neill will be speaking at the Women In Tech: 10th Anniversary Celebration October 23 in Providence RI. She received this invitation through Innovation Women.
Innovation Woman Andrea Goulet will present these upcoming keynotes: “Empathy Is A Technical Skill” at Agile Tour, Quebec City October 23rd, and “Empathy-Driven Development” at Agile + DevOps East, Orlando, FL November 4-9.
Innovation Women Deborah Zanforlin and Monika Weber will be speaking at The Art of Life Sciences: Lessons From Immigrant Entrepreneurs October 24 in Cambridge MA.
Join Innovation Woman Anne Jolles for the Grace Trail Fall Harborside Retreat, happening on October 27th in Plymouth, MA.
Innovation Woman Alyssa Dver will be speaking at these events: 2018 ALCA Chapter Conference October 28-29 in Newton MA, and 14th Pharmaceutical Meeting Professionals Summit November 13–14 in New Brunswick NJ.
Innovation Women Janine Darling and Nancy Ranxing Li will be featured speakers at the Symposium on Securing the IoT October 29-31 in Boston.
Innovation Woman Rachel Braun Scherl will be speaking at the following events: Marketing with a Book Summit October 30 in New York City, FemCare Disruptors November 7 in Orlando FL, and the 2018 Enterprising Women event in Hyannis MA on November 15.
Innovation Woman Julianne Zimmerman will be speaking at these upcoming events: Gender-Smart Investing Summit November 1-2 in London UK, TBLI Nordic November 8-9 in Stockholm Sweden, and MA Conference for Women December 6 in Boston MA.
Innovation Woman Katie Clancy will speak at the REALTORS® Conference and Expo, November 2-4 in Boston, MA.
Innovation Woman Courtney Cox Wakefield will be speaking at Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) November 7 in Scottsdale, AZ.
Innovation Woman Clare Zecher will present “Managing Your Growing Coaching Business: The Four Foundations For Success” at the 2018 USA Cycling Coaching Summit November 9-11 in Colorado Springs CO.
Innovation Woman Steph Palermo will be MC and speaker at the Rett Syndrome City of Champions Event on November 10 in Boston.
Innovation Woman Shruthi Soora will be presenting Uncovering the Broad Reach of the IoT Ecosystem at the Women In Tech Summit Southeast on November 17 in Raleigh-Durham NC.
Innovation Woman Christina Qi will be a featured speaker at TradeTech FX USA 2019 February 13-15 2019 in Miami FL.
Innovation Woman Krista Clive-Smith will be speaking at the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Conference March 9 2019 in San Diego CA
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