Attorney Cynthia Gilbert is a passionate technologist and software patent attorney who strategically develops patent portfolios for a range of high tech companies in all stages of the invention life cycle. She designed Hyperion Law’s services to scale with businesses, allowing the firm to economically serve both individual inventors, as well as large companies. She has developed deep experience across a wide range of technology disciplines, including virtualization, application delivery, network security, computational linguistics and information retrieval, cloud computing, mobile technologies and applications, Web 2.0, distributed computing, operating systems, and communications infrastructure.

 cynthia gilbert
A lifelong passion for new technology and intense curiosity about how law and technology interact led Ms. Gilbert to work at a research and development group for GTE/Verizon while going to law school at night. She transitioned to working for Boston-area law firms and, after five years at a prominent national firm, decided to follow her passion for working with smaller companies by starting her own firm.
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