Rachael_pictureWhen it comes to strategy-driven innovation, Rachael Schwartz is in her element. For nearly two decades, Rachael has artfully navigated innovation for companies in the consumer products, food and beverage, and financial services industries. Today, Rachael is leading a next-generation innovation team at Keurig Green Mountain (Keurig), the $4.5 billion dollar personal beverage system company responsible for changing the very way North Americans drink coffee with its leading Keurig® single-serve brewing system and a portfolio of 80+ powerhouse specialty beverage brands like the company’s own Green Mountain Coffee, Donut House, and Laughing Man, as well as partner brands like Starbucks, Swiss Miss, and Lipton, among others.

Day-to-day, Rachael has one mission: drive strategy and flawless execution of Keurig’s next-generation appliances focused on better understanding consumers wants and needs in order to provide them with improved, smarter, and more personalized beverage experiences. From reimagining beverage types thanks to emerging technologies to crafting personalized services enabled by the Internet of Things, her team leans into the future to bring it to consumers today.
Before moving into her current general management role, Rachael was the first employee under Kevin Hartley, Keurig’s Chief Innovation Officer. Together, they delved into defining Keurig’s innovation strategy and processes, building out the department to lead ground-breaking innovation, including the Keurig™ KOLD™ drinkmaker and Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup®, the first non-beverage K-Cup® pod. Prior to coming to Keurig, Rachael worked in strategy consulting at Diamond Technology Partners (now PWC) and ipCapital Group, advising Innovation and R&D clients in CPG, food and beverage, and financial services. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business in Strategic Management and Marketing and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania in Design of the Environment (architecture and design). She lives in Winchester, MA with her husband and 6- and 9-year old boys.
You can learn more about Rachael Schwartz and other great female speakers on innovationwomen.com.
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