Angela Lussier teaching engineers public speaking.
Just flew back from California and once again am reminding myself that the red eye just isn’t worth it! Sure, you are back home just a little bit sooner but you come back in that semi-comatose state where you are just good for nothing.
BUT, this week I spent time with hundreds of the smartest women in the world. It was all part of the IEEE Women In Engineering International Leadership Conference. It was amazing! I made a promise to myself to go back next year and I hope you’ll join me!
In addition to listening to many terrific panels, hanging on every word from the fantastic keynotes, participating in some super cool exercises and learning a TON, I also got to hear two of our awesome speakers at the event — JJ DiGeronimo and Angela Lussier. (I also spoke on a panel, and helped super event manager/event organizer Nita Patel close out the show.)
Angela let me in on a little secret; she learned about the IEEE gig through THIS newsletter and she applied. She did such an awesome job! Afterwards, Angela was invited to hold speaker training for several companies. Goes to show that an investment in speaking at a conference like this pays off!
As you know, our mission is to help more women get on stage, especially at technical conferences and events where USUALLY the ratio is a little different than it was this week.  But on Tuesday, at the end of the show, we got to invite everyone up on stage. And while not all the 1300 attendees were in this session, it was a pretty sizable group!
Here’s to many more invitations and to speaking engagements that pay off in more speaking engagements and business for you ALL!
Bobbie and The Innovation Women team


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