New Speaking Engagements

Elizabeth Bockheim will be speaking at the Flip Flops in Florida Conference on February 11-13 in Melbourne, FL.

Gurpreet Kaur spoke at the 6th Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit on November 2-3 in Winnipeg, Canada, and She Leads LIVE on December 1 in New York NY.

Meridith Grundei spoke at Clario for their Diversity Week on November 16, and at the AMAZON AWS re:Invent conference November 26 – December 1 in Las Vegas NV.


Ruth Pearce spoke at PMI Triad on November 14 in Greensboro NC.

Ambika Devi spoke at the Dating After Divorce for Women Summit.

Rosie Zilinskas spoke at Pow(H)er 2023 on November 16 in Rockford IL.


Noreen Braman spoke at the New Jersey Community Law Health Project on November 7.

Dr. Fadia Nordtveit was Keynote Speaker at Hampshire College International Education Week on November 16 in Amherst MA.

Elizabeth Bemah Amankwah spoke at Ghana Digital Innovation Week 2023 on November 6-8 in Accra Ghana, and Cyber Cafe Meetup on November 25.


Pamela Sams spoke at Investment News Women Advisor Summit on November 8 in New York NY

Amanda A. Russo spoke at ENGAGE 2023 Microsoft Technology Conference on December 5-6.

Lidia Varesco Racoma presents Creating a Brand Marketing Toolkit on March 7.


Vanessa Zamy spoke at the Pow(H)er Conference 2023 November 16 in Rockford IL.

Marisa Zalabak spoke during the Metaverse Safety Week Summit with X Reality Safety Intelligence on December 10-15.

Emily Carlson spoke at Engage 2023 on December 5-6.


Dr. Susan Lovelle presented Strengthening Small Business Workshop Series: Wellness for Small Business Owners & Professionals on December 13 in Morrisville, NC.

Anmol Agarwal spoke at the Pacific Hackers Conference on December 2 in Mountain View CA, Metaverse Safety Week on December 12-13, and Future Innovations & Reflections STEM Career Pathways Virtual Panel on December 16.


Debra Eckerling spoke on “Journaling to Reach Your Goals” for the International Association for Journal Writers.

Whitnie Wiley spoke at the Burnout to Brilliance Virtual Summit on December 16 and will speak at the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference on April 30 in Bakersfield CA.


Precious Williams presented The Niche Factor: Creating Your Own Speaking Lane for eWomenNetwork on December 1, Successful Entrepreneur Training at Columbia University Business School on December 5 in New York NY, and will be speaking at Feminine and Rich Conference on January 17-20 in Houston TX, UGA Innovation Bootcamp on February 26 in Athens GA, BadA$$ in HerStory Award Ceremony on March 1 in Boston MA, Zone of Genius Entrepreneur Conference and Awards on April 17-18 in New York, NY, National Speakers Association Colorado Chapter on May 10 in Denver CO, and the Malden Chamber of Commerce Voices of Success Speaker Series on May 24 in Malden MA.

New Publications

Michelle B Griffin‘s book THE LINKEDIN BRANDING BOOK: The Power of Two: Build Your Personal and Business Brand on LinkedIn for Exponential Growth is available at Amazon.

Gina Riley published Executive Search: How To Get On Recruiters’ Radars And Land High-Level Opportunities in Forbes.

Sonya Chandler‘s book Looking for Boaz When You Are Not Ruth (…Yet!): Dating Made Simple Using Basic Bible Principles is available at Amazon.


Kim Groshek‘s book Pause Power: Pause, Unplug, Breathe: How to claim your power in a chaotic digital age is available at Amazon.

Dollnita M. Winston‘s book Destressing the Stressed-Out Family is available at Amazon.

Ruth Pearce‘s book Be Hopeful, Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Curious: How Coaching Can Help You Get Out of Your Own Way and Create A Meaningful Life is available at Amazon.


Jackie M. Stebbins‘s book Unwillable: A Journey to Reclaim My Brain is available at Amazon.

Natasha Durkins‘s book Fiercely Joyful: 11 Keys to Living Authentically & Creating a Life You Love is available at Amazon.

Angie Read‘s book Identity Crisis: You Are Not Your Career is available at Amazon.

New Podcasts and Broadcasts

Alice Kerby was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.

Clare Biedenharn was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.

Noreen Braman was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.


Nomi Bachar was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.

Ambika Devi was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.

Cindy Gross was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.


Alice Kerby was a guest on the Rollercoaster of Midlife Podcast.

Khristee Rich launched her new TV show Holistic Me TV on YouTube.

Gurpreet Kaur was a guest on the Sugar Coated: Real Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs podcast with Adrienne Garland, and the What’s Happening At Work Show podcast.


Orly Zeewy was a guest on the Biz Book Broadcast podcast, and the Chris Hood Digital Show.

Anastasia Lipske was a guest on the Innova.Biz podcast, Find Your Leadership Confidence with Vicki Noethling podcast. and Entrepreneur’s Enigma Podcast with Seth Goldstein.


Liz Carroll‘s podcast Interviews are available as a playlist on Spotify.

Emily Carlson was a guest on the Listen With Leaders podcast and Badasses in Tech podcast.

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