New Speaking Engagements


Meridith Grundei will be presenting “Serious Fun: Building Communication and Trust Through Improv” at the Annual Leadership Summit for The Good Feet Store on July 11-12 in Charlottesville, VA.

Heather Denniston will be presenting “Bridging the Connection Between Personal Well-Being and Professional Success” at Providence Swedish Core Leader Event on July 17 in Seattle WA.

Brienne Hennessy will be presenting “Protect and Empower Your Voice” at ICCCTSO 2024 Summer Leadership Seminar on July 29 in Springfield, IL.

Torrey Podmajersky will be presenting “Content Design for Developers” at THAT Conference on July 29 – August 2 in Wisconsin Dells, WI.


Lisa Hammett will be presenting “Nurturing Workplace Mental Health With Mental Fitness” at AHRA 2024 on August 4-7 in Orlando, FL; and “Master Mindfulness with Mental Fitness for Optimal Productivity, Communication, and Health and Wellbeing” at AOHP 2024 National Conference on September 4-6 in Fort Worth, TX.

Katelyn Carey will be presenting “The Science of Compassion – using cognitive and trauma science to improve patient care and communication” at HUB 2024 – Human Understanding Beyond on August 21-23 in San Diego, CA.

Alison Arnoff will be presenting “Creating Your Value- Aligned Career” at SIMNext on August 27 in Denver CO.

Kate Hufnagel will be presenting “Successful and Effective Business Succession in the Digital Age” at Annual America’s SBDC Conference on September 9-13 in Atlanta, GA.

Diane Helbig will be presenting “How To Enjoy Selling AND Get Results” at Texas Roofing Conference on September 12-13 in Irving TX; and “Dealing with Difficult People” at Women in Manufacturing Webinar on October 8.

Carole Mahoney will be presenting “Give Your Buyers a Dopamine Hit” at Inbound 2024 on September 15-19 in Boston, MA.

Bobbie Carlton will be presenting “Visibility = Opportunity” at SCORE NEMA: Women’s Business Summit 2024 on September 18 in Andover MA.

Heather Denniston will be presenting “You Are Spilling Your Most Precious Resource – The Personal and Professional Cost of Unknowingly Leaking Your Energy” at PEER150 Annual Summit on October 16-17 in Berkeley CA.

Meridith Grundei will be presenting “Improv for Speakers, Confidently Speaking” at The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East on December 9-10 in New York City.


Sophie Ke presented “How to master Microsoft Purview Records Management: A comprehensive guide for beginners” at ARMA InfoCon 2023 on October 8-11 2023 in Detroit, MI; and “Getting Started with Deploying Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management” at Microsoft Security Community on January 23.

Poonam Bhuchar presented “How to Become Emotionally S.A.F.E. and prevent corporate burnout” at TedX CMSV on January 29 in Bronx, NY.

Heather Denniston presented “Bridging the Connection Between Personal Well-Being and Professional Success” at Deutsche Borse Group Bank on February 5 in Germany.

Lisa Hammett presented “How to Deal With Burnout Before it Happens” at 2024 AAHAM Spring Conference on March 12-13 in Kearney, NE; “HR Resilience & Wellbeing: Building Mental Fitness for Sustainable Success” at Emerson on May 2 in McKinney TX; “How to Prevent Burnout Before it Happens” at Mental Health Awareness Month Presentation on May 15 in Fort Worth TX; and “Unmasking Mental Health: Breaking Through Fear to Create Awareness” at One Belief Organization Benefit Dinner on May 22 in Dallas, TX.

Alison Young presented “At the Speed of Andante: Finding the Muse on Trail” at Friends of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Fundraiser on April 4 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Terri Ann Heiman presented “Productivity – Release the Overwhelm of your To-Do List” at Alabama Women in Business on April 21-23 in Birmingham AL.

Cate Hollowitsch presented “Confessions of a Corporate Cobra” at TEDx Myrtle Beach on May 4.

Neha Naik presented “3 Secrets to Transform The Workplace” at TEDxBessies Creek on May 4 in Houston, TX.

Anita Roach presented “Shining a Light on the Power of our Humanness” at DisruptHR on May 7 in Denver CO.

Rebecca Arnold presented “Powerful Leadership Rooted in Well-being” at WILD’s 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum on May 9.

Latoya (LT) Britt presented “Navigating the Seasons of Motherhood – When They Want You There At All Times” at Crossover Church on May 12 in Hyattsville MD.

Carole Mahoney presented “The Buyer First Approach: Sell with, Not to, Your Buyer” at CFO Accelerator Live on May 14-17 in Dallas, TX.

Ikram Guerd presented the Opening Ceremony: “Women’s Empowerment in Tech” at VenusHacks on May 24 in Irvine, California.

Kim Fuller presented “Shifting your Lens” at CREW Connecticut on June 2-4 in Hartford CT.

Ashley Smith presented “The Anatomy of Anxiety” at E Care Behavioral institute continuing education training on June 3; and “Courageously Confident” at Going Beyond Vision Loss Summit on June 17-20 in Orlando, FL.

Kate McGlynn presented “Building Bridges, Stress Relief for Young Leaders” at Arizona Youth Partnership on June 5 in Globe, AZ.

Niyati Shah presented “Have you identified what it will take for your organization to be AI ready” at GDS Explorer on June 6.

Jackie Roby presented “Five Keys for Living the Life You Desire” at Owning Authenticity on June 12.

Orly Zeewy presented “Visionary Leaders Creating a Legacy” at Global Virtual Conference on June 18.

Precious Williams presented “Pitch Please” at Black Commerce: The Future of Entrepreneurship on June 19-22 in National Harbor, Maryland; Elevate Your Pitch Game: Getting Clients, Customers and Funders to Say Yes on June 20; and Attracting and Securing the Right Funding for Your Business on June 27.

Lori Sussle Bonanni presented “Mindful Communication: Who are you Unknowingly Excluding?” at Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association on June 20.

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen presented “Biohacking: Turn back the Clock on Aging” at IECSC on June 22-24 in Las Vegas NV.

Diane Helbig presented “Consultative Selling” at the Training Course for State of Kentucky SPCs on June 24-25 in Frankfort, KY.

Alison Arnoff presented “Building Mental Fitness” at SF Mature Women in Tech on June 27.

New Publications

Alina J Ugas‘s book Navigating Your Path to Uncharted Happiness: Cultivating a Life of Happiness and Purpose (Navigating Happiness and Purpose) is available at Amazon.

Dr. Gregory P. Nelson‘s book The Strategic Stop: Taking Back Your Life in a World Obsessed with Busyness is available at Amazon.

Carole Mahoney‘s book Buyer First: Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling is available at Amazon.

Terri Ann Heiman‘s books Portals: Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds (Common Sentience) and Confessions of a Shower Tapper: The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT are available at Amazon.

Brooke M Dukes‘s book Burn On, Not Out: Finding Fulfillment Beyond Success is available at Amazon.

Janeth Ramón‘s book Desbloqueando el éxito en TI: Certificaciones para el empoderamiento femenino is available at Amazon.

Gina Riley was featured in Crafting Your Next Career Move: A Creative Approach For Executives in Forbes Coaches Council.

Eleni Anastos‘s book My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain is available at Amazon.

Svetlana Kousnetsova‘s book Sound Is Not Enough: The Art of Captioning for Universal Access is now available.

Alla Adam published Disagreeing Without Destroying: Managing Conflicts At Work And In Life in Forbes; her book Time. Money. Status. Relationships. Peace of mind. is available at Amazon.

Tami Muller‘s book How to Be on a Diet for 45 Years and Never Be Thin: A Practical Guide to Freedom and Happiness is available at Amazon.

Pat Miller received the “International Impact Book Award/Inspiration Category” from International Impact Book Awards; and her book KICKING Karma’s Ass: Unbelievable Stories of Strength, Resilience, and Perseverance, All Told with a Twist of Humor is available at Amazon.

Sherry Hurtado received the “Best Use Of Thought Leadership in Development” award from the Stevie Awards; and the “Startup Achievement of the Year” award from the Globee Awards.

Kimberly Stirling received the “Best of West Sound” Readers’ Survey award from West Sound Magazine.

Silvia Davis received the “World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinalist Winner” award from Toastmasters.

Rebecca Arnold‘s book The Rooted Renegade: Transform Within, Disrupt the Status Quo & Unleash Your Legacy is available at Amazon.

Leigh Burgess‘s book Be BOLD Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success is available at Amazon.

New Podcasts, Broadcasts, and Interviews

Orly Zeewy was featured on the Storyteller Podcast with Deborah Kevin.

Ikram Guerd received the Women of Influence: Health Care 2024 from Los Angeles Business Journal.

Noreen Braman was featured in the PRSA-NJ Member Spotlight.

Ambika Devi was featured on More Than RichNavigating Disruption.

Dalal Alharthi, PhD has been inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who, and was featured in “Speed Data: Thinking From a Cyberattacker’s Perspective with Dalal Alharthi” in Varonis.

Ashley Ryall was featured on Grow Your Independent Consulting Business.

Tami Muller was featured on National Smile Day on Channel 6 Miami NBC.

Carrie Pasquarello was interviewed by FOX 24 News Now.

Pooja Arshanapally was featured on the The Content Repurposer podcast.

Bobbie Carlton was featured on the YouMeWe podcast; and Goal Chat Live podcast.

Alison Young was featured on the Midlife Mavericks podcastPorterFlute Pod podcast; and Island of Discarded Women podcast.

Nancy Davis was featured on the Bold Moves: How Did You Know? podcast.

Heather Eck was featured on the Stuck in My Mind with Wil “Wize” Otero podcast; the Purpose, Passion and Possiblities with Candice Snyder podcastSo Whats Your Story – Ian Beighton podcast; and The Creative Soul Podcast with Leya Van Doren.

Jean Wright was featured on the Women at the Top podcast; and Sigrid de Kaste LinkedIn Live Interview podcast.

Kimberly Stirling was featured on the Transformation Talk Radio Podcast.

Rebecca Arnold was featured on The Prosperous Empath podcast; the Her Career Studio podcast; and the Two Piers Podcast.

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