New Speaking Engagements


Precious Williams will be speaking at NAWBO Gala on June 4 in Washington, DC; Pitch Perfect with Verizon Business on June 12 in Saint Louis, MO; and WE Connect Digital Networking Series on June 14.

Dr. Susan Lovelle will be presenting “The Weight Loss Drug Boom and the Pivotal Role of the Gut Microbiome in Metabolic Dysfunction” at Microbiome Labs Mini Keynotes on June 5.

Tosca DiMatteo will present keynote talks on Inner critics and personal branding for Raymond James Financial Services at their Aspirations Women’s Conference on June 6-7 in Newport Beach CA.

Rita Ernst presents “Liar, Liar: Jailbreak Your Life” at the National Federation of Press Women Annual Conference on June 22 in St. Louis MO; and “Thoughts to Results: Activate Your Mental Superpowers” at the Integrating Women Leaders Foundation’s Women Leaders Conference in person on June 20 in Indianapolis IN, and virtually on June 27.


Anna David presents “How to Publish a Book” at Kentucky Writing Retreat on July 12 in La Grange KY; and “Overcoming EPIC Failure to Achieve EPIC Goals” at Cleaning and Cocktails on July 23 in San Jose CA.

Arianna Howard will be presenting “Radical Compassion: Tools for Tough Conversations” at 2024 OhioPRO Peer Recovery Summit on July 30 in Columbus, OH.

Nan Gesche will be presenting “Let’s Negotiate” at Westrock on August 21.

Lori Harris presents the Keynote: “Shifting Your Company’s Current Culture to Its Ideal Culture” at Carolinas Credit Union League 2024 HR & Organizational Development Summit on August 21-22 in Charlotte, NC.

Rachel Boehm will present the breakout “Bridging the Gap: How Health Coaches and Organizational Consultants Can Unite to Prevent Burnout Talk” at the 2024 Annual Wellness Summit on August 26-29 in Chicago IL.

Amy Gutman will be speaking at the International Hybrid Conference on Food Science and Nutrition on September 20–21 in Orlando FL.

Doreen A Lang will be presenting “Leadership as a Highly Sensitive Person” at Enterprising Women’s Summit on October 8 in Plymouth MA.

Lidia Varesco Racoma will present Optimizing Your Brand for Social Media Impact October 21 – November 17.


Randye Kaye presented “10 Things Actors Know – and You Can Learn – About Public Speaking” at Forbes Business Council Public Speaking Group on February 21; and “What’s EI Got To Do With It” at Rotary Club Lunch and Learn on April 23 in Westport, CT.

Anna David spoke these events: “How to Leave an Epic Legacy” at Vistage on March 8, 13 and 14 in Los Angeles CA; : “How to Boost Your Business By Sharing Your Story” at Genius Network on March 28 in Phoenix AZ; “How to Publish a Book” at Independent Pool and Spa Service Association on April 17; How to Publish a Book at Heimat Club on April 24; “How to Boost Your Business By Sharing Your Story” at Brepic Network on May 14 in Phoenix AZ; and “How to Boost Your Business By Sharing Your Story” at Parris Lampropoulos Mastermind on May 29 in Greenwich CT.

Jill Frack presented “Navigating Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Principles in the Security Industry” at the International Security Conference West 2024 on April 11 in Las Vegas NV.

Tracy Stayton presented “Communication Pollution = No Clear Solution” at EarthX on April 22-26 in Dallas, TX.

Tasha Golden presented Healing, Bridging, Thriving’: Reflections on Arts and Culture in Healthy Communities for the US National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and LISC on May 1CogX Festival LA! on May 7 in Los Angeles CA; Who Needs Art: A Thought Leadership Summit on May 9 in Kansas City, MO; Keynote “Igniting Change, Inviting Growth: Redefining Arts, Health, and Community Care” at Ohio Arts Council Annual “Arts Impact Ohio” Conference on May 15 in Toledo OH; and “Big Ideas – Social Prescribing: Exploring the Intersection of Museums & the US Healthcare System” at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting & Museum Expo on May 18 in Baltimore MD.

Ashley Smith presented “Psychological Flexibility: Your Mental Superpower” at WTW on May 3; “What do Do When Everything’s on fire” at TIAA on May 8; “Master Your Mind: Psychological Flexibility” at University of Missouri Kansas City Directors’ Retreat on May 16; “Our Approach to Mental Health Is Broken: What Workplaces Can Do to Fix It” for SHRM of Greater Kansas City Monthly Member Program on May 14; “Maximizing Your Wellbeing” at Societe Generale on May 21; “Rethinking Mental Health” at Mental Health KC conference on May 23 in Overland Park KS; and “Design Your Work Life” at Genmab on May 29-30.

Julie Tran-Olive presented “Stop discounting! You are not on clearance: Exploring perceptions of self-worth” at the Wel America 3rd Millennium Women’s Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management Positive Psychology, Mental Health Conference (Edition 4) on May 3-4 in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Susan Lovelle presented “Bridging Body & Mind: Enhancing Metabolic Health Through the Gut-Brain Axis and GLP-1/GIP Dynamics” at A4M Spring Congress: The Metabolic Crisis: From Surviving to Thriving in the 21st Century on May 3-5 in West Palm Beach FL; and “The Executive Edge: The 3 Mistakes Sabotaging High Performance” at Dukes Properties on May 14 in Raleigh, NC.

Arianna Howard was selected as a speaker for the Coalition on Homelessness & Housing in Ohio’s Housing Ohio 2024 Conference on May 8 in Columbus OH.

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken presented “Shared Leadership: Swift Decisions, Strong Teams” at the WILD Global Women’s Leadership Forum on May 8-9.

Genein Letford presented Training on Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset at Gilead Scientific on May 8-9; Closing Keynote Speaker at North Carolina IBM Supply Chain on May 16; Keynote Speaker on Brain Capital at the Elementary Principals Organization Summit on May 16.

Debra Eckerling presented How to Write a Winning Book Proposal for the Women’s National Book Association – San Francisco Chapter on May 16.

Precious L. Williams was honored at The Spectrum Circle Award for Innovative Women in Small Business on May 17 in Washington, DC; and the Black Connect “Business Leader of the Year” Award at the National Wealth Building Conference on May 31 in New York City.

Dr. Erin Oksol spoke virtually at Lighten Your Healing Journey on May 18.

Jen Recla presented “Getting Your House in Order” at the ATD Conference on May 19.

Tosca DiMatteo presented “Discover The Golden Thread of Your Personal Brand” for the Association for Talent Development International Conference on May 20.

Betty Francisco spoke at The ALX Business Summit on May 21 in Boston MA.

Nan Gesche presented “How to Fail & Still Win” at University of MN Medical School on May 22 in Minneapolis MN.

Dr. Erin Oksol spoke at Resilience: Cultivating Success on May 23.

New Publications

Jess Winns‘s book Beneath The Skin is available at Amazon.

Marjie Hadad‘s book The Power of PR Parenting: How to raise confident, resilient and successful children using public relations practices is available at Amazon.

Julina Ogilvie‘s book Money Confident Girls: A Parent’s Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens) is available at Amazon.

Pam Ostrowski‘s book It’s Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey is available at Amazon.

Alla Adam published 5 Things That Shouldn’t Matter When You Are Looking For A Job in Forbes.

Ellen Leikind‘s book Poker Woman: How to Win in LOVE, LIFE, and BUSINESS Using the Principles of POKER is available at Amazon.

Alla Adam‘s book Time. Money. Status. Relationships. Peace of mind. is available at Amazon.

Adia Gooden‘s book Promoting Black Women’s Mental Health is available at Amazon.

Jenny Powers‘s book Empowered: The Woman’s Guide to Following Your Heart is available at Amazon.

Treva Graves‘s book Self-Doubt Detox: 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence is available at Amazon.

Barbara Welch‘s book The Good Life Money Mindset Workbook: 8 Principles for Living the Good Life Now is available at Amazon.

Marlene McConnell‘s book Ray of Light: The Healing Path to Step Out of Trauma Into Joy and Inner Peace is available at Amazon.

Doreen A. Lang‘s book Embracing Venus: Achieve a Life Lit Up for Highly Sensitive People is available at Amazon.

Tara Cousineau‘s books The Perfectionist’s Dilemma: Learn the Art of Self-Compassion and Become a Happy Achiever and The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart and Your World are available at Amazon.

Dolly Tampos Oksman‘s book Finding Your Lost Self is available at Amazon.

Dani Rosenblad James was featured in “5 Best Places to Visit for Sustainable Travel” in Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Magazine

Wen Peetes received the 2024 Finalist, Indie Book Awards – Motivational Category from The Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and was featured in “Finding Your Way To A New You” in Florida Women Magazine. Her book Inner Child Healing: Heal Your Wounds. Train Your Mind. Create A New You is available at Amazon.

Darlene Corbett‘s book Visible is available at Amazon.

Talila Millman‘s book The TRIUMPH Framework: 7 Steps to Leading Organizational Transformation is available at Amazon.

Amritha Kailas‘s book Wisdom of the Unshakeable: Unlocking Peace, Resilience and Transformation is available at Amazon.

Ana Visneski‘s book F*ck it, Watch This: Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud is available at Amazon.

Dr. Waajida l. Small‘s book Be Well to Lead Well: A Self-Coaching Guide to Support Personal Development and Well-being at Work is available at Amazon.

Dr. Ashley Smith‘s book The Way I See It: A Psychologist’s Guide to a Happier Life is available at Amazon.

Erin Lebacqz‘s book The High-Value Writing Workbook: Write for Success in Work and Life is available at Amazon.

New Podcasts, Broadcasts, and Interviews

Ambika Devi was interviewed in Voyager ATL Magazine.

Ellen Williams was a guest speaker on The ESG Show on the topic of ESG and the CEO on May 1.

Tosca DiMatteo was a guest on Empowerography and You Are The Magic.

Marlene McConnell was interviewed on Faith on the Journey with Jocelyn J. JonesConversations with Nicole with Nicole BooneWCVG The Voice Radio – Frankly Speaking Show; and Ontbytsake.

Anastasia Lipske was a guest on fellow IW member Debra Eckerling‘s podcast GoalChat.

Irene Williams was featured on Confirm Humanity: How to Be Human in a Digital World.

Dani Rosenblad James was featured on the Indomitablethe Business ShowerThe Mod CoTami Talks TraumaColeen Greco – JoyologistChoose Your Happy PlaceExplore to EvolveOne Moment PleaseThe Art of Badassery; and The True You.

Wen Peetes was featured in Inner Child Healing in Voice America.

Orly Zeewy was featured on the She Is Unstoppable Podcast.

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