Last week’s “Sunday” edition of the Innovation Women newsletter and survey aptly demonstrated one thing that we’ve always known, that what works for one woman may not work for the next woman. But also, sometimes it’s great just to know that you are not alone.
While starting the work week on Sunday to get a jump on things is the preference for some (25 percent of our respondents), others (41 percent) say they keep their weekends entirely free of work-related activities. A quarter of our respondents say they try to keep the weekends for family and themselves but will occasionally work, if necessary. One-sixth of our respondents said their workweek already includes part or all of the traditional weekend. A quarter of the respondents said they regularly work weekends. (Note: our survey allowed multiple answers so the results don’t add up to exactly 100 percent.)
Some additional comments:

“I think this is adding to the problem of overworked Americans. Now we need to work 6 days a week (where many of us are already squeezing 50+ hours into 5 days a week). I feel passionately about life balance and keeping my weekends for my family. I talk about this (and have written about it) a lot as well.”
“Being self-employed, I usually at least check email on weekends … Did see this Sunday night, but didn’t open until Monday.”
“Sundays are when I get most uninterrupted time to focus on summing up the past week’s accomplishments, rallying my teams for the week ahead, and planning priorities so when Monday morning comes, I hit the ground running.”
“Good insight – good to know that I am not the only one!”

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